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Specialty:Gynecologist (OBGYN)
Practice: Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
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Grad. Year: 1995

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RID: 3641015
22/12/13 5 4 5 5 I was referred to see Dr. Liu by my High Risk OB. She fit me in to see her within a week and the following day I had surgery with her (she fit me into the OR schedule as an unscheduled patient). She took time to understand my history and was very companionate and sincere about the situation. In the OR she was very comforting and professional. The following day she visited me in my hospital room to make sure I was comfortable and reassured me that the surgery went well. I’ve been to several other OB’s in the GTA and Dr. Liu is at the top of my list. 
Insurance: OHIP
RID: 3601842
11/11/13 1 1 1 1 I wish I would have not dismissed Dr. Liu's negative review on this site. Yes, she can be friendly and nice, especially, when it comes to signing a consent form, but she is also one of the most incompetent and irresponsible gynaecologists I have ever met. She did not take into consideration my medical history, nor did she monitor the condition for which I was referred to her before recommending a surgical treatment. I ended up having a major surgery, which turned out to be unnecessary. The worst part is that she botched the surgery, and now I have complications that may not be fixed even with another surgery. I had zero pain before the surgery, and now I have to live with it for the rest of my life!  Respond
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RID: 2543226
28/01/13 5 5 5 5 Dr Lui has earned the up most respect in my books, her knowledge, skill, abilities and compassion far surpass any other physician that I've ever encountered regardless of specialty . She has treated my Wife for over 8 difficult years and because of her we are now starting a family for the first time. Any patient of Dr Lui's should feel very blessed as they are receiving the best care and advice available! 
Insurance: OHIP
RID: 2513827
27/12/12 1 1 1 1 I'm @ a complete loss 4words as this MD comes highly recommended,by this site.She's nowhere near as good as rated.Who rates this MD? We need objective ratings!Her competency is poor.It took me over 1.5yrs to get an apptmt. Apptmts always cancelled last min.MD wks very p/t hrs,is always clsd or on long vacations.Secretary is disorganized&always AWAY. When I did finally go in 2see her, she barely lked @the reports sent by FP, barely examined me. Pretended to be friendly, in retrospect is condescending.She showed LITTLE compassion for my issues. When my problem returned, she refused to give me an appt, stating that my issue doesn't return.NONSENSE!She sent me back to my FP to get another referral, although it had only been a couple of months since I last saw her. You only need to obtain a new referral if it's been more than 1yr since you last saw her.Clearly she's only there 4 $$. Her knowledge&bedside manner r deficient.Exam rm has no sink, does she wash her hands?  See Responses
RID: 2480832
22/11/12 5 5 5 5 I loved her so much. She is amazing and was always really kind to me. I had no problems with Sandra either and found both of them to be really nice. My husband recently told me that Mr.Liu used to flirt with him when I wasn't around. This really hurt my feelings because she was my ob throughout my first pregnancy and our family really trusted her. My husband did not tell me this throughout my pregnancy because I had a lot of complications and was very upset through most of my pregnancy so he didn't want me to feel worse. I had a really difficult pregnancy and she was there for me through all the problems I had so hearing this was very difficult for me. I used to rave about her to everyone. She's still a great doctor but it just hurt my feelings to hear this.  Respond
RID: 2411591
27/08/12 5 5 5 5 I have been in contact with Dr. Lui's office since Apr 2012. I read great reviews about her, but not so great about her secretary (Sandra). Since attempting to book my first appt Sandra has been great. I find her very friendly, compassionate and patient. I think enough thanks in not given to the first point of contact (Sandra). I would not take the negative comments about Sandra, but form your own opinion from your own experience. I would hate for someone to be cautious like I was (almost looking for another Dr). But Sandra is the first point of contact, so I am sure she is very busy and may not be able to contact you back right away or pick up the phone when you call (she usually does pick up when I call. But they are VERY BUSY!! Dr Liu is great (as mentioned), she is friendly, caring, makes you feel at ease, empathetic answers all your questions, and seem genuinely interested in your concerns. Wish she could be my OB when I get preg, but live to far. They make a great team!!  Respond
RID: 2301582
29/06/12 5 5 5 5 Highly skilled minimally invasive laparoscopic gyn surgeon-Probably one of the best in the world-she drained a huge ovarian cyst-endometrioma the size of a 1 litre milk bag-previous surgeons before coming to Sunnybrook wanted to cut me open and completely remove my entire ovary-she also has superior bedside manner.  Respond
RID: 1634859
15/11/11 5 4 5 5 Dr. Liu is amazing. She delivered my second daughter in the new facility at Sunnybrook. She is kind, caring and very informative. Her assistant Sandra is also wonderful. My delivery at Sunnybrook was top knotch and the care was above and beyond. I would recommend Grace and her team to anyone. Thank you Grace and Sandra.  Respond
RID: 1627661
08/11/11 4 5 5 5 Dr. Liu is the angel I prayed for! After serious pain and complications at the start of 2011 and several challenges finding a suitable OBGyn, a friend told me about Dr. Liu is professional, friendly with excellent bedside manner. I had an abdominal myomectomy and after my first meeting with Dr. Liu, she felt like a friend. I felt at home and re-assured. I was 150% confident she was the right person to do my surgery - where others failed me. Dr. Liu successfully removed 6 fibroids (3 large ones) and also discovered and removed a serious case of endometriosis which I had NO idea I had! She also my removed ovarian cysts. I will never forget on surgery day how Dr. Grace's bedside manner. I felt comforted when she took my hand letting me know all would be fine. I'm so grateful to have found such a wonderful OB with the hope of many children in my future! Dr. Liu's secretary is also great. She has a lot to keep up with to support such an amazing doctor and she does it well.  Respond
RID: 1523513
27/08/11 5 5 5 5 Grace was my medical angel. After seeing 5 specialists in Toronto - all of whom shouted a resounding NO to my request of a myomectomy - Dr. Liu was the only one who agreed to removing my multiple fibroids. As it turned out, I had 55 and apparently I was not a record for her. The surgery was highly successful. The recovery was as expected. As a woman long past childbearing years, our medical systems opts for what is expedient and most cost-effective - a complete hysterectomy. With all the research I did on the possible lifelong side-effects, and despite the advice of all the other Toronto docs, I was determined to keep my uterus and ovaries, thank you very much. Dr Liu listened, understood my concerns and said 'YES'. What an amazing moment that was. Inhad searched for 18 mos. I consulted with an amazing doc in Santa Monica and another one in NYC - both of whom believe in performing hysterectomies only as a last result. Dr Liu restored my faith in our medical system. She is my hero  See Responses
RID: 1511389
12/08/11 5 4 5 5 I knew three things when I walked into Dr. Liu’s office in May 2011 – that I had fibroids, that I needed surgery in order to preserve my fertility and that I was very scared. After seeing different OB’s who told me I needed either a hysterectomy, laparoscopic myomectomy (which wouldn’t remove all my fibroids) or UFE which couldn’t guarantee a future pregnancy, Grace was a blessing from above that day. She explained in detail what surgery was best to remove all of the fibroids and still maintain my fertility. In July, Grace removed 22 fibroids from my uterus via abdominal myomectomy. In the OR, I was so scared - Grace held my hand and talked with me before I went under. After the surgery she came to see me in the SSSU where she spoke with me about that success of the surgery. Grace is honest, compassionate, respectful, caring, gracious, a skillful surgeon and a wonderful person – I feel like I’ve known her for years. I love, love, love her! She is hands-down the best OB in this city.  Respond
RID: 1333130
11/01/11 5 4 5 5 Grace is very approachable and thoughtful. Even though she wasn't on call when I delivered, she came by the hospital to see how I was doing. She was very knowledgeable and always gave great advice.  Respond
RID: 1285836
03/11/10 4 5 5 5 She is was very respectful, helpful and spent the time to answer your questions. She smart and efficient....she was my obgyn for the my first pregnancy.  Respond
RID: 1261015
28/09/10 1 2 2 3 Dr. Grace Liu is a wonderful & friendly Doc. I underwent an abdominal myomectomy & Dr. Grace was so comforting & reasurring to my husband who was in the waiting room. She made me feel so comfortable right until I knocked off before surgery & did her magic & was there by my bedside when I came out of the anestacia. Her bedside manners are so perfect & she makes you feel comfortable in her hands. She knows her stuff & does not hesitate to make u understand all the medical terms in a lay man fashion. She is very cheerful & I wish her nothing but the very best in all her endeverous in life. Dr. Grace thank you for bring ure daughter in to say Hello the day after my surgery.... she's a sight for sore eyes & she definately takes after her "MOM". "It always trickles from the top" I thank you for my successful surgery. Veolene Moraes!!!  Respond
RID: 1258631
25/09/10 1 3 5 5 I'm very happy with Dr. Liu but her receptionist the THE WORST! Don't expect her to return any of your phone calls. I have called several times and have not yet had one call returned.  Respond
RID: 1228456
13/08/10 5 4 5 5 After years of disappointing experiences with doctors, I hit the jackpot with Dr. Grace Liu. She is a gifted doctor and wonderful person. Her compassion for her patients and knowledge are outstanding. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Dr. Liu!  Respond
RID: 1168640
13/05/10 2 5 5 5 Dr Liu is amazing. She has corrected problems I have had that have been missed by numerous other obgyn's. Grace is my favorite doctor in the world. She listens, does everything she can to help you and does it with care and concern. My only problem is staff are VERY slow to return phone calls, although nice just irritating on wait time for responses. I would and have referred Grace to anyone needing a obgyn.  Respond
RID: 1155580
23/04/10 5 3 5 5 She's totally wonderful!S he delivered my daughter a year ago and I had a complicated final month of my pregnancy. She was knowledgeable, reassured me, all with a great smile. Even if she had lots of patients waiting, I never felt rushed. I really appreciate her taking the time to answer all my questions and concerns particularly since this was my first pregnancy. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends and anyone out there that's recently been referred to her.  Respond
RID: 1143519
06/04/10 4 5 5 5 After several years of having doctors tell me that nothing could be done about my fibroids & that I would never have children, Dr. Liu performed laproscopic surgery to remove them and I have never felt better in my life. She personally made phone calls to move surgery times around so that I only had to wait a few weeks instead of months to have the surgery. She is willing to spend as much time as it necessary to answer questions and shows a real interest in her patients, both before the surgery and after. I've never before had a specialist volunteer to be my obgyn if (when!) I become pregnant. She is a beautiful person that gets true joy from helping other people achieve their dreams.  Respond
RID: 1120563
04/03/10 5 5 5 5 Love, love, love this woman. She was my OB for both my boys, the last one just 8 months ago. Both my pregnancies were medically complicated but Grace always seemed to know just what to say to make everything okay. She was present for both births which I appreciated so much. I have referred many friends and family that required an OBGYN to her and everyone has loved her. She truly is a remarkable person. Thinking about having another baby just to visit her again... ha ha ha. Do yourself a favour, if you need an OBGYN, she's worth the drive downtown.  Respond
RID: 1069978
05/01/10 4 4 5 5 Dr. Grace Liu is absolutely fantastic. Friendly, patient & knowledgeable. I highly recommend her!  Respond
RID: 1010409
15/10/09 5 5 5 5 Perfectly perfect. She let me make my own decisions about how things would proceed during delivery and always made me feel comfortable and listened to during appointments. She is a large reason why I was so relaxed during delivery (even before she arrived). She really set the tone for my entire pregnancy. My son is also very relaxed as a baby and child...I think it is no coinsidence.  See Responses
RID: 998317
29/09/09 4 5 5 5 Grace Liu is the best physician I have ever come across and I work in health care. She is such a skilled surgeon that she was able to remove 22 fibroids from my uterus with such care and precision that a year and a half later I am now 30 weeks pregnant with my first child, a baby I thought I may never be able to have AND I've had zero fertility treatments. In 8 weeks time, she will deliver my daugheter via c-section and I couldn't feel more blessed. She is competent, attentive and most importatantly, she truly, truly cares. She feels more like a friend than a world class surgeon. We are so lucky to have her here in our city, and my husband and I couldn't ask for a better caregiver.  Respond
RID: 983164
09/09/09 4 5 5 5 Grace is a Godsend. After frustrating visits to several OB's who wanted to either take out my uterus or pump me with hormone drugs in order to deal with several fibroids and endometriosis, I was extremely blessed to be guided to Dr. Grace Liu. Through a successful surgery she saved my uterus and the possibility of becoming pregnant. As well, she has a beautiful spirit and everything wonderful that others have shared below. Thank you Dr. Grace Liu, you are invaluable!  Respond
RID: 905727
05/06/09 5 5 5 5 An angel, a godsend, a saint! Dr. Liu is the best doctor I've ever had. She is kind, caring, encouraging and competent. She takes the time to explain things and checks to see if you have any questions. Although she's extremely popular and busy, she never makes you feel rushed but, rather, gives you her undivided attention. A wonderful doctor and human being!  Respond
RID: 896574
26/05/09 5 5 5 5 I was blessed to have Dr. Liu attended my last two pregnancies. She has such a great energy about her and you can see that she has found a true calling in her work with women.  Respond
RID: 862240
15/04/09 4 2 5 5 The wait time to see Dr. Liu was always at least 1/2 hour for me. I also felt very rushed when I saw her and almost left her practice since I didnt feel like my questions were being answered. I had a discussion with her about this and from then on she made sure she had lots of time for me and we always had a sit down talk to have any and all questions answered to my liking.  Respond
RID: 745957
17/12/08 5 5 5 5 Grace is my OB for my first child, so I really have no other OB's to compare her to...but I must say that she is extremely friendly, very punctual, has a great sense of humour, and seems to be extremely knowledgeable in the field of obstectrics. I have never felt rushed during any appointment. I will absolutely want her as my OB for future pregnancies. I would recommend her to anyone. Her receptionist is very friendly and seems very competent. A great team.  Respond
RID: 704368
17/10/08 5 5 5 5 I was lucky enought to have Dr. Grace Liu as my Ob/Gyn from 2003-06. She is the friendliest and most compassionate person I have ever met. On top of that she is a great doctor who is extremely knowledgeable and efficient with great bed-side manner. I thought her receptionist was efficient and very pleasant.  Respond
RID: 686082
17/09/08 4 5 5 5 Dr. Liu is an amazing doctor who really cares about her patients. She goes beyond the call of duty. I have never waited more then a few minutes for my appoitment and I have never been rushed out. She makes you feel very comfortable and is extremely patient, kind and knowledgable. She always makes sure you understand everything before you leave her office and is always available to you. I am so lucky to have her as my ob as I could not picture going to a better doctor because they simply do not exsist. Thanks for everyting Dr. Liu.  Respond
RID: 644278
21/07/08 5 5 5 5 After 3 children, my obstetrician retired so I was very nervous about seeing a new dr. After the first visit, I was relieved to find not only a friendly, tactful dr. but very knowledgable also. She was on call at the time of my son's birth and even offered to order some food for me (after the birth, of course). My husband was very impressed, as was I. Grace is wonderful and I'm more than happy to have the opportunity to let others know :)  Respond
RID: 541279
17/03/08 3 5 5 5 Dr. Grace Liu is a spectacular physician. She is very respectful of her patients, calm, friendly and compassionate about what she does. I must agree with the above comment, her secretary is not always on top of things. Sometimes it takes her too long to return phone messages when prescriptions or appointments are needed. If you can look past this, you could really enjoy the experience of childbirth with Dr. Liu. She is a very down to earth individual who makes you feel like she really cares about the well being of her patients. She is very warm with her patients and knowledgeabe about her field. She never judged or pushed me to take medications I was not comfortable with and always erred on the side of caution when it came to taking certain medicine during the course of pregnancy. I highly recommend her to all of my friends and family.  Respond
RID: 479496
09/01/08 1 5 5 5 Grace is supportive, compassionate, a good doctor. That she is pleasant, funny, and nice is a bonus. If only she would replace her receptionist/admin with a competent, with-it person, the whole experience would be helpful. As it is now, it's unorganized chaotic and frustrating to get IN. Once in with Grace, it's the best.  Respond
RID: 430427
17/10/07 5 4 5 5 I feel relaxed and calm when I visit her. She is very personable and knowledgeable.  Respond
RID: 361442
08/07/07 5 5 5 5 I just love Dr. Grace. She is so patient, friendly. She is a great surgeon and held my hand as I went under, knowing I was freaked out. After the surgery, she left me a personal note to read about what had been done because I wouldn't remember talking to her due to the anesthetic. She also didn't treat me like a lunatic, as some OB/GYN's did, when I told her what I thought I had. She treated me with respect and like an adult, not some mindless child who didn't know anything about medicine. She is very professional when it comes to talking about risks and complications with surgery. I would highly recommend her and she is the one that I want delivering my future children. And thanks to her, I can have them.  Respond
RID: 351489
22/06/07 4 5 5 The most patient-friendly, professional OB you could ask for! Knowledgable, attentive, approachable and dedicated...a true gem of a doctor!  Respond
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