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I went in to establish myself as a new patient. She is a multiple sclerosis specialist and I was diagnosed in 2001. The staff was wonderful but when she came into the room I extended my hand to shake her hand and she hesitated like I was contagious. I brought in all of my medications including oxycodone I have left over from oral surgery in August to show her I don't abuse medications. I even have gotten so I don't have to take the prescribed dosage. The medications I'm on are controlling my pain well and I did not go in to have her write another prescription I went in to establish myself. I told her what types of medications I have a bad reaction to and she told me that I will not tell her what she can and cannot prescribe for me. Then she told me that she was not going to refill one of my medications even though it prevents my leg cramps at night. She wanted to send me to pain management and pay another $50 copay. My pain is being managed by the medications I'm on and see no need to go to pain management. Then she wanted me to get another MRI and I told her that I didn't have $2500 for another MRI. She then told me "I guess we're done here". Since there is no cure for MS her job is to treat the symptoms and give me information on any new studies being done. She has the authority to write the prescriptions I need without sending me to pain management. She did not listen and had no personality at all. She is power hungry and tries to control her patients. By me paying my insurance premiums and my copay I hired her for her service and she did not provide that service. I went in feeling optimistic and happy and left frustrated, stressed and angry. Stress brings on MS symptoms and now I'm back taking 2400mg of gabapentin a day. I was down to 1200mg. I am no a crier and I left and parked my car and cried.

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flag | Submitted February 19, 2017

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