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Dr. Chae is a negligent doctor. I would avoid her!

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flag | Submitted July 14, 2017

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I went to Dr. Chae for vaginal bleeding after menopause. She seemed friendly but not professionally dressed. She attempted a biopsy of my uterus. The procedure was not able to be completed because she was not able to get through my cervix. She did not tell me that was the problem. It was very painful. She gave no explanations at all. She tried again in an outpatient surgery center the following week. She apparently called in a medication for me to take the night before and didn't tell me about it. No mention of the medication and what is was for. The medication was to dilate my cervix. At the surgery center she perforated my uterus. She told my friend that picked me up but did not tell me. I was discharged without being told what had happened. I was sent home with no aftercare instructions. I called the surgery center later in the afternoon. They contacted her office and was told she had a family emergency and would "try to call me that night" I never got a call. I got a followup call from the surgery center 75 hours after I suffered this complication. I told them I had not heard from Dr. Chae. An hour later she called. She told me she had been "busy" She had no explanation for why she didn't tell me she called in medication, gave no aftercare instructions etc. I had a laparoscopy after she punctured my uterus to look for damage. She didn't explain any of this to me. When I asked why she said she was going to explain it all at my follow up visit. My follow up visit was to be two weeks after the procedure! So she was going to tell me how to care for my incision, and no lifting, or exercise for a week after, two weeks after? When I questioned that she said "yeah, I know.......I apologize" She also noted in my file that my last PAP smear was atypical. The new doctor I went to for follow up saw that in my medical records. It turns out, that did not come from my file! She got that information wrong. This is a very scary doctor! I would never go back!

Submitted July 14, 2017

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