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This review is based on my experience & that shared to me by others. On the positive side, she does spend time listening and talking with patients, this causes her to pretty much always run about 30 min or more behind, but because she is spending the time with patients that need it. So personally it doesn't bother me, I just plan accordingly. She seems to be more of a 'less is more' doctor - which is good, to a point. But to me she seems to "bandaid" a lot of things that need much more serious attention. Because of this attitude, she's missed a few BIG issues of mine that I ended up going to other doctors that caught it and got me proper treatment, surgery required for a couple of issues, for issues/symptoms she told me were "normal". She will NOT treat for any pain issues. I was bedridden with pain from blown discs impinging 2 nerves, which also caused temporarily loss of my legs - she refused to provide pain medication. She instead had me taking does of naproxen & tylenol together that landed me in the ER. Another woman went to her for pain relief for a pain flare up related to multiple fused discs and a metal plate in her pelvis, she was also refused pain medication. Another person brought their son with a suspected broken arm, she said it was fine. Two weeks later he was back with another doctor, with the same broken arm that then needed to be re-broken to be set straight, because it was not caught right away by Dr. R. There is a nurse in another local clinic that changed jobs because she refused to work with Dr. R anymore. There are many more examples I could share, of my own and others. But overall, I DO think she cares about patients, seems knowledgeable, but not sure how many she helps with her approach to medicine, which does not appear to be well balanced to me, when she is missing so many big things. So, personally for me, hard to put trust in that approach.

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