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This is the worst doctor I've had in my life! Very rude and not very sympathetic at all. Since day one she kept telling me that because of my age I could have problems. I know how old I am and there was no need for her to be so cruel. First visit she told me my baby had his organs outside of his stomach. Sent me to a GREAT genetics specialist, I guess that's the only thing I can thank her for. He was great in Westlake Village, love him and his staff, Dr. Shields. He said no, he did not see anything wrong. I kept going to see her and then my lab results came back positive for trisomy 18. They called me from her office said something came back positive, no feedback no nothing, she didn't bother to want to see me, they told me to call Dr. Shields. He was the one that offered me more testing and even asked me if my OB had already explained the situation to me, I said NO, nothing. Haven't even seen her. He told me call her and get this other test Verifi done. I did, it came back positive again. Two weeks went by and no call from them, I called, they're like oh yeah, it' s still positive, heartless, no sensitivity at all to my situation. I had to google and find out on my own what was going on. They told me oh, we sent the information to Dr. Shields, he'll call you. Hold on, but aren't you my OB?? Wow.. I was speechless, let alone devastated, alone, I didn't know what to do. Dr. Shields called me that afternoon at around 9pm, I knew it was bad for him to call me this late. He said, the test was positive and it's basically 99% accurate, but then I did so much research and I learned that the Verfii test can also be wrong, at times, and other types of invasive testing should be offered. I was offered nothing, not even by Dr. Shields. Which surprised me. He said see your OB for more information and to see what decisions you need to make. I made an appointment with her, she said do you know that this diagnosis means. I said, yes. I googled it. She's like it's INCOMPATIBLE with life. No chances of this baby surviving and kept on rambling, you need to make a decision. I said we want to continue with the pregnancy. I was 5 months pregnancy. She's like you understand the baby will die. I said yes. She told me with I just want to let you know that I will absolutely NOT perform a C Section on you if the baby becomes distressed. My husband then asked her so then what happens, she's like the baby dies. So where do I come in, what if a C Section was needed??? I was so scared. Worst experience ever. She said you need to make a decision but my opinion is that you should have an abortion. I have 4 other children grown up already, this had never happened to me. I was devastated, scared and didn't know what to do. I left the office in tears. I called Dr. Shields told him I wanted to have another ultrasound to see how the baby was growing. The baby had poor growth, he explained in detailed about his hands and feet, they were deformed and his heart had problems and brain too. All I could see was a baby. But I didn't want my baby to suffer at all. I was lost and didn't know that to do. I just think this doctor needs to be more sympathetic an not let her personal opinions or thoughts interfere. I don't know if it was something against me, or that's just how she is. At this point I do not care for her at all. She's not a good doctor to me. My personal experience with her was awful. And others might have different opinions. This is mine and strictly mine. I would not recommend her at all to anyone. In my book she's not even a 1 star, 0, nothing!

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flag | Submitted February 18, 2015

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