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I had a right total hip surgery at the Reidsville location and the nurse made an error and sent me home before 24 hours due to his medical release paperwork put in early. Dr Hopes PA is very short and not friendly at all and gives you a hard time. Dr Hopes PA were extremely helpful and caring. Dr Hopes pushes your care off to them even with sereve complications from his surgery, he doesn't care or show you that he cares especially about the mistake at the hospital and just pushs you off. After months of complications for over a year he finally sent me for injections of the hip. He stated that I'm short is why he made my leg an inch longer as well. 5'4" is not short an inch is a big difference on one side. He also tells you at one visit that there is nerve damage and will need to do revision when left hip replacement is done. At the follow up Appt he tells you there is nothing wrong so I will have to deal with it. Not what you want to hear when you are you are in more pain than before the surgery and still can not walk without a cane due to it feels like the hip won't hold you. The tendons and muscles were stretched so much it felt like a knife blade cut my leg, groin, and butt area. Had to get second opinion and found there was nerve damage and the leg was stretched to much and will take longer to heel or may never gain full mobility not what you want to hear when you have had this problem since age 7 and now 40 with finally giving into surgery! The kicker mostly is that before I had the surgery I was told I would brand new and be able to do things and feel so good that I will over do it. Yes he did say that it may take a little longer but nothing of lengthing leg or nerve damage complications. He just wants the money also and wants you to have it at Reidsville, please do not have it at this location!! They do not follow protocol or look out for you!!

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flag | Submitted January 11, 2015

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