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This doctor has destroyed my life for ever prescribed me hydroclorine hydromorphine ( 8 times more potent than morphine ) before even the result of my my x ray came in , i trusted him i went to see him for many times to know what was wrong with my back when my x ray came in obviously he didn't knowwhat was the source of my pain kept me on hydromorphine refused to refer to a specialist he would always rush me trough the appointment to him you're just a number a paycheque been with him for 3 years and he never care one bit about me he has a god complex and makes you feel like you should even ask question about the prescriptions he gives you got me addicted to narcotics and when it hits the fan he treated me like a piece of **** he even ask me once how did you get on hydromorphine i told him you prescribed to me for the last 8 months idiot at the end after raising up my dosage a couple of times told me that he was more worried about his licence as i was coming too early for re-up and that he could not be my doctor anymore and just dropped me as a patient . so here i was addicted to one of the most potent narcotic out there had no choice but to seek them on the street as no doctor in his right mind would prescibe them to a new patient . I lost all i had in this world now my cars, my house, everything i sold to avoid the hardcore pains i had to deal with specially to extremely painful withdrawals on the street this medication cost a thousand time more i put my paycheques into getting my medication while i had to provide for a son i lost my job then i had to steal to be able get my hydromorphine after getting caught a couple time and having to deal with justice that when i fortunately discovered recovery ottawa wich is a methadone clinic they took me in and helped me but now i have to go everyday to a clinic to drink a medication to avoid withdrawal all because of this incompetent doctor who made my life a nightmare but not caring enough and just wanted me out of his office as fast as i was in please watch out don't be a patient of him and on top of it his staff at the clinic treat you like garbage because of course he talks to them about you way to go what a professional !

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flag | Submitted February 16, 2015

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