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I tried to make an appt as a new patient and was told I'd first have to fill out a patient information form and wait to hear from them as to whether or not they wanted me as a patient. I found this odd, but I did it and added a note saying I'd just moved here from out of town and was temporarily staying in a seasonal rental until my new place was ready. I instructed them to use the new contact info if they were going to contact me after a certain date. I waited to hear from them and never did. When I called the office I learned that they had tried to contact me by leaving a message on the homeowner's answering machine instead of referring to the date I highlighted on my note. Of course I was gone by then and no one was picking up that message since the unit was empty. I made an appt, they gave their excuses and after all this wasted time, finally went in. As part of the routine Dr Johnston ordered a mammogram screening. They said I'd hear from them, but never called me with the result. A month later I received a letter from the hospital where I had the mammogram done. They stated that the result was negative and they wondered why I hadn't called them for further instructions and/or treatment. I told them the doctor had never informed me of the negative result. They said I'd need a diagnostic Rx to proceed. I then called the doctor and questioned the whole thing. The receptionist told me that the doctor was too busy and didn't have time to make calls (to tell a patient she had a negative mammogram). I asked them to get me a prescription from her for the diagnostic mammogram. They said she was off on Christmas holiday and couldn't be reached. I finally got them to fax me the Rx so that I could proceed with getting a diagnosis and treatment, if needed. I was not happy with their excuses or inefficiency, but my main concern was moving forward. I got the 2nd mammogram done, but in the interim received a letter from the doctor saying I was not welcome there any longer. No apology was made for the unprofessional behavior of anyone concerned. I'm a lady in my 60's and have never been treated with such apathy or disregard by a presumed medical professional and her staff in all my life. I'm still shocked when I think about it. When I look back though, to the first time I met her, I proffered my hand as one does when meeting someone for the first time. She looked at me strangely and I found myself half-shaking cold, lifeless fingers. I should've known right there I wasn't dealing with a warm, caring person who became a doctor because she had a desire to help people.

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flag | Submitted June 22, 2016

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