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BUYER BEWARE: You will be overcharged for purchases here, unless you know your insurance coverage very well and pay close attention to each line item on your bill. Not only was I overcharged on 2 occasions for a total of $110, but my husband was almost overcharged by $100 - thankfully, I was there to review his quote. As if that is not bad enough, I got the runaround from employees, and the business owner kept trying to blame a third party for these mistakes! First, I should say that my eye exam went well. I was charged the correct co-pay, and I paid for a contact lens exam, as well. The doctor seemed nice, and I was happy to order reading glasses from this location. However, I know I have amazing optical insurance, so when the bill came to $350+, I had to take a closer look at the line items. Good thing I did because the optician (Lauren) overcharged me $100! She refunded the money to my credit card and was very apologetic. I thought it was an honest mistake, but... My husband also ordered glasses from iDoc. Just in case the same "honest mistake" happened again with the bill, I went with him to review the line items. Good thing I did because Annette (who normally works in the back) almost overcharged my husband $100! Thankfully I was able to catch this mistake before my husband's card was charged. Annette assured us that she normally didn't work the front desk, so we figured it was an honest mistake, but... I wanted to replace the lenses in my everyday glasses, so I came in and met with Mike. I told him (in very un-technical terms) that I wanted the same lenses that I had in my glasses, but that I just needed the prescription updated. He told me he understood and charged me a $10 co-pay. I was pretty sure I had never paid a co-pay for simply placing an order w/o a doctor's visit, so I told him he should check whether I actually owed that amount. He said I did, and that he could not order the lenses without my co-pay. So, I paid, but... I called my insurance and found out that I was right. I do not have to pay just to order lenses. I only have a co-pay when I have an eye exam. So, I spoke to Annette and Lauren again, and they assured me that I would be getting a check in the mail soon (because for some reason they could not refund the $10 to my credit card). Sure enough, several weeks went by, and not only did no check come in the mail, but my lenses didn't come! Finally, the lenses showed up, and even though they told me they'd call me, they didn't. I had to call and find out for myself that my lenses had arrived a few days prior. (Still no $10 check). Well... They ordered the wrong lenses! When I asked for the same lenses I had, I meant the same lenses. Instead, they ordered me some super thick lenses, so I called my insurance and got approval for a re-order. I was told the lenses would be rushed and that they would arrive in one week. More than three weeks later... I showed up to iDoc, and they ordered the wrong lenses again! They claimed the lenses were thinner, but when I asked to see the lenses they just replaced (to compare), there was no difference. I asked them to show me the lenses I originally had in the frame, and I said I told them I wanted the same lenses, and this is when I got very upset. *This time, the doctor/owner was actually present, and she stepped in when I said I felt like this was a systemic practice of overbilling and mistakes. Dr. Rezvani acted offended, but she went through my account history and noticed the overbilling. She wrote me a check for the $10 co-pay on the spot (incorrectly spelling my name) and said it was an "honest mistake" because some insurance companies charge a materials co-pay in addition to a doctor visit co-pay (except my insurance information was on a sheet in my file, and Mike looked at it when he overcharged me... so did Lauren when she overcharged me... so did Annette when she almost overcharged my husband). The doctor also tried to claim that a "glitch" in the computer system must have been the reason Lauren overcharged me and Annette almost overcharged my husband. But, wait. There's more... The doctor not only failed to take responsibility for the overbilling by her staff, but she then blamed my insurance company for sending the wrong lenses! She kept telling me that I needed to understand that it was "completely out of [their] control" what the third-party lab sends them in terms of lenses. What makes no sense to me is that iDoc placed the order, so they have at least some control, right? In addition, she said her staff didn't know what lenses to order because they didn't order my original lenses. I gave her my previous optometrist's contact information so she could find out what he ordered, but Dr. Rezvani said I would have to pay an additional $200 to have her order the correct lenses because they ordered the middle thickness lenses, instead of the thinnest. I will never do business with them again!

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