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1. She was very stingy on sonograms and would tell me things such as,you can have all the pictures you want when he's here. I'm sorry I thought the health insurance I pay tons for was worth something. Sonograms do not use radiation from what I hear they use sound waves. So her argument was invalid... Finally, I took it upon myself to freak out on the hospital she sends you to to do more in depth sonograms. And told them they will be giving me 3D. Its a right and memorabilia that can not be replaced. 2. I quit smoking right away and she was thrilled, however the constant reminder or threat that my son was gonna have issues and all sorts of nasty comments over my (NORMAL) weight gain. The worst you can do is remind a pregnant woman she's fat. All so at the end she could say"you gained the right amount of weight and your baby will be seven pounds"...so why mentally and verbally abuse someone who you say is perfect after all that. May sound over dramatic but if you've been pregnant before you'll understand the hormones and what not. Generally her bedside manner is that of a sailor. 3. After going in for a nst my sons heart rate and what not were not within norm. So what'd she do? Give me ginger ale until I guess it temporarily bumped his heart rate up (she actually bought me dinner from the cafeteria there I'll give her that, that was nice). Then I go to an emergency sonogram with her,and I've done my research as a pregnant woman, I know "meconium is fetal faces that is a big deal in uturo (forgivemy spelling) so dr fernando amd the sonogram woman are looking at the screen when Dr.F says "does that look like Mec?" The sonogram lady agrees, they shake it off with a "hmph". Then sent me home.!!??! I came back that night for contractions. And was admitted into the ob ward. 3. This is the best part. At about 6am a night shift ob nurse accidently broke my water at 3 cm. And shortly after Dr F came in and said "placenta something" and I go what does that mean?! And she makes a F"*"%;%!$ CUTTING MOTION WITH HER HAND AND MAKES THE CUTTING NOISE TO GO WITH THAT INAPPROPRIATE GESTURE. PLEASE, forgive my spelling,grammar ect my phone is sucking. But save yourself the stress. Go to Dr korrolis. * Dr Ferrandos nurses are amazing women and I mean no bad review here towards them!! Still no explanation why I had to have a csection

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flag | Submitted June 5, 2015

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  • Univ Di Bologna, Fac Di Med E Chirurgia, Bologna, Italy (Grad. 1979)

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