Bethesda Memorial Hospital


Boynton Beach, FL
Bed Count: 325
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Rating: 3.2 out of 5 (5 is best), based on 1 review.
Bethesda Memorial Hospital has a fair overall rating on neutral

Medicare Survey Data


  • nurses who communicate poorly
  • poor control of patient's pain
  • lack of explanation about medicines (one of the worst in the nation!)
  • dirty rooms
  • noisy rooms at night
  • lack of communication of recovery info
  • poor overall patient ratings
  • poor recommendations by patients
  • doctors who communicate poorly
  • slow help response time

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  27/09/12 4 4 3 2 After five stays where I was told nothing was wrong, a central line was inserted in my chest. Due to this, my collar bone got infected and I was in excruciating pain but sent home. Two ER visits and XRays later I was told it was spasms.The weekend radiologist must have been watching tv because my collar bone actually DIED and infection was rampant through my body.The weekday radiologist caught it or I would be dead. Serious, urgent surgery was needed. Now I am bedridden for approx 5 months, have home nursing and the strongest antibiotic there is. That is if the anti biotic doesn't make my kidneys 'blow up' That was their term. I was ignored, and neglected and due to Florida law, I have no recourse. I went in dehydrated and came out nearly dead from infection and major, major surgery.
Insurance: Humana