Sturdy Memorial Hospital


Attleboro, MA
Bed Count: 124

Rating: 1.9 out of 5 (5 is best), based on 2 reviews.
Sturdy Memorial Hospital has a poor overall rating on frown

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  • noisy rooms at night

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  • nurse communication
  • control of patient's pain
  • explanations about medicines
  • overall patient ratings
  • recommendations by patients
  • doctor communication
  • help response time


  • clean rooms
  • good communication of recovery info
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Date C F S V Comments
  15/03/13 4 3 1 1 Thanks to the staff of this hospital, my birth experience became a horrible-painful memory to look back on due to how I was treated. I am a first time mom, and some of the staff and doctors there were very demeaning and desentized, the way I was treated made me ponder if it was due to my current situation that they felt at liberty to treat me as a nobody or because of my race since I noticed a lack of diversity there; when my baby was born, some staff seemed almost appalled that my child was mixed race, their underlying comments, their tone and looks were offensive and hurtful. The staff was very short and careless when I requested their help; they never took their time when they came to my room, always rushing which made me feel uncomfortable and question their ability to pay attention to what they were doing, some of the doctors were very rough when handling me; I had a cesarean. Overall I would not recommend this hospital to anyone I love/care for nor anyone who's a minority.
Insurance: Medicaid / Medi-Cal
  22/03/12 1 3 1 1 This place is bad news if you are looking for health care !!!
Insurance: N/A