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Forget this place. When I arrived to see Dr. Shamji, they ignored my EKG tape and put me on an EKG and then I waited twenty minutes for Dr. Samji to show up and he just asked me personal information, listened to my heart for five seconds. He just wanted to bill the insurance company for an EKG and needless consultation. They wrote the wrong date on my appt card so I tried to call them for the correct date when I got home. They answered: "We're busy there's one person ahead of you, please hold." click. I waited twenty minutes each time and called back four times over the next two days before giving up. Then the day before my appt. they called to remind me. I said in a polite tone: "Oh, it's tomorrow, because the date is written down wrong and I tried to call but..." I was interrupted. "We're sorry about that, are you coming tomorrow." But you didn't wait until I was done...Interrupted again, "Are you coming tomorrow or not, sir?" No, I'm not.I went elsewhere.

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flag | Submitted July 25, 2013

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