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I am a Cardiac professional. In my world, and after 35 years in healthcare, you become a perfectionist, and critic. My wife is also a Cardiac Nurse Practitioner with same years experience. Dr. has impressed both of us with his excellent bedside manner, technique and skill. Though humble, we can tell he is a brilliant man, highly knowledgeable in his specialty. I have seen him once, had my procedure, which was done with expert technique. He impressed also, everyone assisting him, who had not worked with him before. He is a TEN out of ten. And if you knew how meticulous I AM, that is saying alot, coming from me. Without a medical background, I think most patients may appreciate what their getting here. I believe he is in the upper 5% of the many hundreds of doctors I've worked with. He is professional, and EXCELLENT MD, and outstanding person to deal with!

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flag | Submitted April 7, 2010

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