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Extremely rude, made accusations that I was a drug addict, simply because of my current medication (which my Doctor put me on). My primary care physician told me to go to the ER, because I had been throwing up for three days; I could not even keep water in my stomach. So, I went to the ER, and I was treated poorly by this man. Upon a second visit to the ER, this man tells a nurse "Get her out of this room, we need it." From my experience, I gathered that the only thing that was important is, that people are moved in and out of the ER quickly, since I was rushed out of the hospital in my same condition. After being treated poorly twice by this physician, I am not leaving Kaiser because of their poor choices in physicians that appear not to care about a person's health. I literally left the hospital crying, and worried if I would wake up the next moring; because of what was going on with my heart. I was scared, and was told to the leave hospital because I already paid.

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flag | Submitted Jan. 27, 2010

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