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Dr. Mark Poitras is indeed one of the seemingly few "good" dentists remaining. It is very obvious that he cares a lot about his patients, and he is extremely gentle, thorough, and TRUSTWORTHY. A patient just has a sense that he's competent AND ethical -- a rare double find. I have extremely sensitive teeth, and prior to him, I would not let a dentist use most probing tools. However, I just had a feeling he wouldn't hurt me, and he didn't -- he is just the most gentle dentist I've ever been to. If you're tired of wondering if you can trust your dentist, or your dentist just doesn't take enough time with you, try Dr. Poitras -- I can't imagine anyone not feeling great about this dentist. What a gem : ) Thanks, Dr. Poitras! P.S. His staff are ALL competent and kind, to boot!

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