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RID: 1674976
03/01/12 5 4 5 5 He is very easy to talk to. He is very understanding and always gives you 100% of his attention. I guess his keen attentiveness is the reason why his promptness suffers a bit.  Respond
RID: 1412760
11/04/11 5 4 5 5 Dr. Forbes has been my doctor for 25 years. He is kind and knowledgeable. Never pushes you out the door which is why you may have to wait but he is worth the wait.  Respond
RID: 1373600
27/02/11 5 3 5 5 Dr Forbes is very knowledgeable and genuinely cared about my health. He is busy yes but well worth the wait. I have had other family doctors and none came close to the health care provided by Dr. Forbes  Respond
RID: 1365873
17/02/11 2 3 4 4 he is friendly, nice & helpful, good knowledge. liked him. but not the staff.  Respond
RID: 1315348
15/12/10 4 1 5 5 i like very much takes good care of my husband comes to the house to see him  Respond
RID: 1176721
26/05/10 3 1 4 4 I have mixed reaction to staff - some are great some are rude and have no customer service skills. He is never on time I suspect that he overbooks. You need to expect to be there 1 hour before you see him. He is a good Doctor and Knowledgeable but never has enough time for you especially after you spent an hour waiting to see him.  Respond
RID: 1173443
20/05/10 5 4 5 5 Amazing Physician. He's been my doctor since the day I was born and he's never failed me, nor the rest of my family. I now have a family of my own and he continues to be our GP. Sometimes he's late but if you know the best time to book, you won't wait very long. I'd rather wait for a quality doctor than have a minimal wait and poor care.  Respond
RID: 1110661
RID: 1078764
14/01/10 3 1 2 2 Missed obvious signs of my heart attack...Ended up in surgery to save my life after being told I had an earlier heart attack...Complained of chest pains for two years...fortunately, another doctor had me rushed into surgery..Over booked...always have to wait at least an hour...be prepared to stand in the hall...should have retired 10 years ago  Respond
RID: 1048276
02/12/09 4 2 5 5 Have used him rather sparingly as we are rather healthy. Being late is his tradition, and if you can live through an average of 1+hr late you have yourself a great doctor. He listens well, pays attention and makes a full contact with patients. Excelent sense of humor and... well some years ago we were down in fever and had no energy to drive, he just came to our house to make sure we were OK and to write prescriptions. How many doctors you hardly know (at that time) would do that? He is trustworhy, knowledgable and likable. I hope he never retires!  Respond
RID: 769286
21/01/09 2 1 2 4 he is a good doctor is you have a good rapour with him. He will not dig deep for symptoms. he gets upset when you tell him what you've read on the internet about your problem. if you have a good relationship with him,he's ok, if not, find a new doctor. not very firm with his patients.  Respond
RID: 692563
28/09/08 4 2 5 5 Dr.Forbes was my doctor for 30 years until we moved out of town and with 3 young children commuting back to Brampton became tricky. After switching family doctors to a local doctor, I then realized even more so how special Dr. Forbes is. Yes you have to wait to see him. Is it too long, yes most times. Bring your mail to read, a letter to write, be prepare. Once you get to speak with him it is worth the wait. At the new doctor's office, you have to tell the receptionist what is wrong with you and then she judges when you can see him. You have to wait weeks for an appt. Then if you have another issue other than the one you mentioned over the phone, he won't speak to you about it. You have to make another appt. Or if one child is sick and the other comes, you cannot ask questions about the other child. Bottom line is Dr. Forbes actually cares about his patients.Yes it may take him a minute to refresh his memory on your name and issues, he is still worth it. One of the best ever.  Respond
RID: 665837
15/08/08 4 3 5 5 This doctor is tops in my book,the patient is first on the list and does everything for them in his power.He will get to the bottom of your problem.Even if it takes awhile as some things do.If you are up front with him,he will get you to the right people.If he is late getting to the office it is usually because he is at the hospital look after his patient.Good doctors are hard to find this is one of the special ones  Respond
RID: 621353
23/06/08 5 5 5 5 Dr Forbes is old school, which to me is a wonderful quality. It means he's friendly, caring,and concerned about my health. I am able to get an appt when needed without having to wait for days. He's always been able to answer the questions I've asked about health matters. I love his 2 examination rooms system which speeds things up reducing waiting time. His staff are the BEST too--there are always at least two if not three assistants working with the doctor. I consider myself very fortunate to have been accepted as a new patient. I left my former family doctor of 25 years when he fell ill and had to cut his office hours in half. Also he's in Toronto and I've lived in Brampton since 1991. Although my previous doctor is a good family doctor, Dr Forbes is MUCH better. He runs a tight ship and offers quality service; but he has an old fashioned friendliness which is hard to find these days. Dr Forbes told me that he loves his job and plans to continue practising for several more yrs.  Respond
RID: 507556
07/02/08 5 4 5 5 I am a fairly new patient of Dr. Forbes. I have found him to be a really good listener and has helped me every time I was there. We have to wait a little to see him but that happens in most doctors offices to-day. To many people and not enough doctors  Respond
RID: 348629
19/06/07 3 5 5 I can appreciate that some of Dr. Forbes's patients don't like to have to wait up to an hour or sometimes two to see him, but if you've ever sat in his treatment room for an hour while he consoles you over the loss of a loved one, or encourages you when you seem to be in the depths of despair, then you don't mind the wait. I have been a patient of Dr. Forbes for over 28 years and will continue to be a patient until he retires.  Respond
RID: 338647
05/06/07 3 5 4 We have been seeing the doc for over 20 years, he has been very helpful and is the only doc I know who offers to make a house call if needed. He is understanding and listens, I was disappointed to read some of the other comments. If you are looking for a doc who worries more about time then a doc who is caring about his patients then you better look elsewhere. Doc Forbes is a very caring doc.  Respond
RID: 325463
22/05/07 1 2 2 Dr. Forbes WAS my doctor from the time I was born until I as old enough to make my own decision and changed. He we never on time, often a 2 hour plus wait and there were occasions when I was there waiting 1 hour before he even arrived. He has no consideration for you as a patient and left me waiting for 15 mins. naked on the table my first pap exam. He is out for money only, and there the care and well being of the people in his care. I would never again go to him as a physician. There are better doctors in Brampton, find one!  Respond
RID: 319006
15/05/07 2 5 5 Excellent doctor highly recommended, always a good hour waiting to see him but well worth it. Very professional, kind, never overlooks anything always takes the time to discuss your issues.  Respond
RID: 318170
14/05/07 1 2 3 I have been a patient of Doctor Forbes for nearly 20 years. He has seen me grown from a boy into a man. Unfortunately through all of this he cannot seem remember my name!! He is NEVER on TIME, if you get a 10AM Apppointment goodluck if you are seen by 12, get the fist appointment and goodluck if you are seen by the second of third person there. Not mention he make appointments for times that he is not even there yet! After all this time, I have finally told him to forget about it, and I switch ed family doctors!!These doctors work for US, ultimatle get paid by US, and we are made to suffer like we live in a 3rd world nation!! NOT ANY MORE  Respond
RID: 306229
02/05/07 4 5 5 I instantly feel better talking to him. Always makes time to thoroughly understand you, your family, etc. I've driven up to an hour from wherever I've moved to just to get the quality of care that Dr. Forbes gives. He's been our family doctor for 28 years. An incredible doctor and person. I am very grateful to him and his staff.  Respond
RID: 285075
17/04/07 1 1 1 This is the worst doctor I have ever met, his stupidity cost my wife the hearing in her left ear....she now has lost the hearing fully in her ear due to his lack of ATTENTION....  Respond
RID: 213805
19/03/07 4 5 5 Dr Forbes is a great Doctor! I went through an illness called encephilitis and almost died.He was very understanding and couldnt do enough for me.He actually cared !  Respond
RID: 193653
13/03/07 5 5 5 The greatest family doctor I have ever had. Makes you feel very comfortable and at ease around him. Very easy to get an appointment and waiting times are reasonable. A total class act. Very proud to have him as my doctor.  Respond
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