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Practice: Institute for Nerve Medicine
Hospital: Brotman Medical Center
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Med. School:Univ Of Chicago, Pritzker Sch Of Med, Chicago Il 60637
Grad. Year: 1986

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Online Appt. Scheduling: N
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Dr. Aaron G. Filler
Neurosurgeon-related: nervous system, cervical and lumbar spine problems, brain tumors, neurovascular problems, peripheral nerve problems, neurological surgery, brain and spinal cord tumors, skull-base surgery, brachytherapy, aneurysm surgery, epilepsy surgery, neurological surgery
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RID: 4775388
05/02/14 1 2 1 1 Nightmare!!! .....after the so called treatment, anesthesia etc... I stood on the street with my husband ,in the dark with a walker waiting for a taxi...was told Filler would call me in 2weeks...never heard one word...ever.... Only many requests for payment. Insurance doesn't cover anything, they are out of network.... I was much worse for going there, not only physically but monetarily.  Respond
RID: 3645817
01/01/14 1 4 5 5 Dr. Filler is a brilliant surgeon. He's unique in that he's interested in esoteric cases, the ones that other surgeons pass on. You might say he's almost willing to experiment. Consequently he has a mixed record of success. People either are totally cured or utterly destroyed. My own surgery left me exactly where I was. I was very happy not be worse off, so I count my blessings. I spoke to a guy who was totally cured. On the other hand I have a good friend who had piriformis pain and Dr. Filler operated, and he was somewhat improved, should have quit while he was ahead, but he agreed to a second surgery which resulted in cutting muscle to get at the nerve, and he wound up so bad that he's in lifelong agonizing pain; he can't sit, lie down, sleep, or anything but walk the floors. Six years later he's lost near 100 lbs. (now about 85 lbs. total) But others have had fabulous results. He is far too interested in money, though. Compassionate, but his office isn't. He's very expensive. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 3642619
26/12/13 1 1 1 4 Anyone interested in taking action against this doctor because of their nightmare please contact me. Email [email protected].This guy tore my obturator internus muscle..I had to have surgery 3 months after the same 3 injections he gives everyone...if anything to find moral support..light should be shed on the scam nature of this practice..they take scans that no other competent ethical surgeon will read..wish I had done my homework!! 
Paid (or co-pay): $5200
RID: 3632618
15/12/13 4 4 5 5 Dr. Filler is one of the most amazing Dr.s I have met. He is compassionate, listens, and spends necessary time with patients. I came to Dr. Filler from a surgeon who said there was nothing else to do to fix the problem. Dr. Filler was able to both diagnose and repair the problem. He is the best. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
21/10/13 "Why are patients afraid of seeing Dr. Filler? Maybe, they don't want to get sued?" - http://www.boston.com/lifestyle/health/blogs/white-c...  Respond
21/10/13 "Aaron Filler sues patient for defamation - loses big!" - http://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/health-wellness...  Respond
RID: 2766755
13/08/13 5 3 5 5 We have been dealing with my daughter's medical situation for almost (4) years now and up until a visit with Dr. Filler's, no progress had been made. I am writing this because Dr. Filler has been to say the least, been a "remarkable doctor". My daughter has seen numerous doctors, six to be specific and not one, up until that point, had been able to even give us a diagnosis. It turns out my child had "Pudendal Nerve Entrapment". Pudendal Nerve Entrapment is apparently very uncommon. Dr. Aaron Filler has gone above and beyond to ensure my daughter received the best care possible, he has taken time out of his busy schedule to answer questions via email, usually these emails are answered after normal working hours. He has not only assured me that there was future hope to alleviate my daughter's situation but he cured it, as a mother that means the more than I can put into words. He is a consummate professional and has a tireless work ethic which is quite evident by the notable changes in my daughter's health.  Respond
25/04/13 "Filler, et al. v. Walker, et al." - http://www.dmlp.org/threats/filler-et-al-v-walker-et...  See Responses
09/01/13 SYSTEM: First Name changed from "Aaron" to "Aaron G." 
RID: 2526194
09/01/13 2 1 5 5 I just had a second injection-I think he is a genius, and kind, caring man. I had severe, life altering pain in my leg due to entrapped nerves. I tried several specialist (Orthopedist, Neurologist, Pain Specialist, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist). None of them could solve or fix this long term. Just meds/therapy. Limited relief. Dr. Filler, after a physical exam, and looking at my latest tests, said, "I can fix this". Dr. Filler rescued me from pain. YES! billing is confusing, and maybe incompetent. After the MRNeurogram, and first injection Jan. 2012, I received 75% relief. I let bill insurance with a special phone number given by Blue Shield, as I had one an appeal through the state of CA for this treatment. It did get complicated. I went for my 2nd injection yesterday, after my 2nd appeal. This time Blue Shield that I could pay first, and submit my own bills for reimbursement to them. Much cleaner, discounted-cash price. FYI: Dr. Filler has written Neurosurgery Textbooks.  See Responses
07/02/12 Peter Jennings - ABC News covers nerve diagnostic innovation by Dr. Aaron Filler http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYRbUdLN3T4  See Responses
RID: 1706469
07/02/12 1 3 2 4 Dr. Filler is very knowledgable about his field but he is too expensive to be worth his expertise. He is very protective of his knowledge and does not seem to genuinely care about patients. After seeing him for a very expensive initial consult ($500, Blue Cross paid half), with little information given, he recommended doing the MR Neurography at his center which is astronomically expensive. Found another place in Freemont, CA that did it for much less, "Inview Medical Imaging". Brought it back to a very grumpy Dr. Filler who reluctantly agreed to look at it and do a MRI guided injection for Pudendal nerve. Paid $8,000 to do it AFTER insurance paid their portion (orig. $10,000). Even with the MRI guiding him, he missed the spot. Went to see Antolak for 2 injections(that were done in the right place) and paid nothing after insurance. Stay away from this guy and his greedy staff and go somewhere else even if you have to pay to get there. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 1687540
15/01/12 4 4 5 5 Dr. Filler saved my LIFE! I would not be here today if he had not seen,evaluated,and quickly performed the appropriate surgical intervention at Cedar Sinai Hospital. I had injured myself while running then had misfortune of being misdiagnosed by at least 5 Dr.s in Orange County who had left me for dead! I knew there was an entrapped nerve involved that rendered me in a wheelchair,weak,malnourished,in excuriating pain, and hopeless!It was my periformis muscle and obturator muscle that had split thus causing sciatic and pudundal nerve to be wrapped with adhesion/scar tissue!I was on Fentanyl,percocet,xanax,robaxin,etc before surgery April 2011. Within 2months I was walking,eating,off all narcotics,and on my way to being the mother, wife, and person I used to be. I can never thank Dr. Filler enough for choosing to help those like myself with peripheral nerve damage.Dr.Filler didn't accept my Medicare insurance so the financial aspect is only complaint. Thanks to my Dad for providing$$.ox 
Paid (or co-pay): $28000
RID: 1568296
22/10/11 1 1 1 1 Dr. Filler totally misdiagnosed me. It turns out I have a large S.I joint lesion (on the bone) not the periformis syndrome he diagnosis everyone with. Staff wanted to schedule injections ($13,000) the same day as the scan. I insisted on having the scan analyzed before proceeding further. He charged me overtime for his interpretation. He said injection is a diagnostic tool. I could expect relief for a few hours or days at best. Surgery would be required (over $55,000). All out of pocket, insurance company considers his methods experimental. Second opinions: two doctors without my solicitation warned me not allow him to do surgery on me. He has a bad reputation amongst his peers. The scan was blurry and very low res. He dodged phone calls from second doctor I asked to discuss my case with. I was rescued from a useless surgery by seeking a second opinion. It's scary he's allowed to practice. Get a second opinion before you get yourself in a financial hole with Dr. Filler.  See Responses
RID: 1492395
21/07/11 1 1 1 3 Stay away!! Had the injections. Had the nerve release surgery. Still not better. Actually worse than before! The office staff was horrible to deal with. Always waited 2 plus hours after the scheduled appointment time. Charged high prices with no results.. And don't get me started on the billing!! Never accurate! Different amounts for the same bills. Try to talk to someone about it and they don't get back to you. Try to schedule a face to face mtg with them and it never happened. Wish we would have read the reviews before going. But when your in pain you do what ever it takes to make it go away!! Money wasted at this office!!! Reading the responses to all the other bad reviews on here and they are obviously from his office. There have been numerous phone conversations with some other patients of his and they had the same bad results and bad experiences.Amazing how small this world is with so many with the same symptoms. Don't be the next guinea pig!! 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Paid (or co-pay): $20000
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RID: 1399213
28/03/11 1 1 1 1 I found Dr. Filler to be focused on money and not my care. His staff told me to take out a home equity loan to pay for *one* piriformis injection costing $10,000! No, that wasn't a typo. $10,000 for one injection! The MRN of my pudendal nerve wasn't done correctly, but they refused to reimburse my payment. You must pay, up front, in cash. It seems that Dr. Filler diagnoses all of his pudendal neuralgia patients with piriformis syndrome so he can get the money for those outrageous injections. Also, after my initial appointment, I was told that I could only see or talk to Dr. Filler again if I had surgery. I was only permitted to speak with his assistant. Needless to say, I never returned. I would not recommend Dr. Aaron Filler.  See Responses
RID: 1278673
12/02/11 3 1 4 4 I had piriformis resection surgery in 2008. I am in slightly more pain now than before surgery. The surgery was not a success and I was very disappointed. According to his research, 85 percent of his surgery patients have a good to excellent outcome. Maybe I am just unlucky if the research is valid. He is a very knowledgeable doctor but he does come across as slightly arrogant. Overall, he is nice and easy to talk to. His receptionists and billing staff are sometimes cranky and not very friendly but they did everything I needed and were responsive. He is very late to his appointments (waited 2 hours) but when I did get to see him, he spent a lot of time and was very attentive. He is only late because he spends as much time as the patient needs. It is very difficult for insurance to reimburse more than 70 percent of "customary and usual." You have to do multiple appeals ahead of time. I was not informed of this ahead of time and lost out on a lot of money. He seems like an excellent surgeon and I hope my experience isn't the norm. He definitely has amazing credentials and an 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
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RID: 1254767
20/09/10 2 2 5 5 Love the doc - this guy is THE answer to all of my diagnostic prayers - but I question his office billing procedures - strongly dislike most of his office staff - the front desk folks are SO unprofessional. The NP, Michelle, is very nice and helpful in person but not as warm in communications on the phone or in email. There are many team members involved in the scheduling that it gets very confusing and lots of messages get crossed creating lots of The financial team can be nasty on the phone and have threatened collections for an amt that they claim I owe - $ from a check that THEY say BCBS sent me - and which BCBS has no record! But I digress - my apologies I NEED to have the surgery he performs. He is THE BEST. He believes me. I just wish that the process of getting scheduled for procedures was more streamlined and more user friendly. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Paid (or co-pay): $19000
RID: 1208019
14/07/10 1 1 3 3 I have to say that Dr. Filler solved my back problem but created another pain in the butt with his incompetent staff. My husband spent 8 hours putting all the bills into an excel sheet and trying to figure out what the heck his staff does all day besides being rude to patients...because they certainly don't know how to do paperwork. Whenever we called, they were rude and even hung up on us. It is a shame because Dr. Filler is very nice and knowledgeable but he has hired imbeciles to run his office. They coded all the procedures wrong and because of that, the insurance wouldn't pay. We kept calling for them to send the proper codes and would not respond and then would send out letters saying our account was in collections. They FINALLY got us the proper codes and my insurance company paid promptly after that but it took 1 1/2 years!!! 
Insurance: United Healthcare
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RID: 1175700
24/05/10 2 1 1 2 I do have to say I am still shaking form my exprience, I had to wait over an hour and half to see him, everyone juyt walking around and smiling at me, with no patiant. finally after 2 hours seeing him, he didnt tell me anything I didnt know, asking me to do a $4000 speicial MRI beofore he can say anything, you charge $500 for a consultation you better give someone some info. then I was led into a room that had to sit down and wait again, and wait for someone to close me, totaly sounds like a used car lot, all and all there was 10 people walking around and there was only 2 paitiant, including me, my exprience was horrible, save your $ and go some place else, I have no problem giving my name to anyone interested, STAY AWAY!!! 
Insurance: Aetna
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RID: 1139045
29/03/10 1 1 1 1 Saw this guy as I was desperate. This guy tells me I need an Injection followed by an MR Neurography scan. I ask the staff about insurance and they pretty much tried to rip me off by telling me it is covered by insurance and sending me around in circles. Once I found out insurance doesn't cover anything I dropped this quake. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
Paid (or co-pay): $500
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RID: 959986
11/08/09 1 1 1 2 I wish I had seen the comments on this website before I went. The initial 15-minute consulation was a whopping $700. He could not give me more information from all the NCV, EMG, MRI and CT scans I hade done. He sent me for an MR neurography which was deemed clinical unproven by my insurance carrier and only can be done at his facility. Did I mention the cost was $3,000+ for a single MRI scan? His staff was very rude. I had to wait more than an hour while there was no other patients. I don't think the exorbitant cost is justified by the efficay of the treatment and diagnosis. Please do explore any other possible options before you decide to spend money on something that may not help (unless you have no expectations). I was desperate as no one could tell me the extent and cause of my nerve damage. I wish I had done my home work. 
Paid (or co-pay): $4000
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RID: 655899
04/08/08 2 2 4 4 I went to see Dr. Filler last year with a problem that other doctors I had been seeing could not diagnose. I had a nerve problem in my Piriformis muscle and it was causing me a great deal of pain. Dr Filler sent me for an MRI at a location that he owns and thenI had a consult with him at the rate of $500.00. He really had no information for me other than that I needed to have a guided injection procedure. I had the procedure and I really didn't notice any change one way or the other. I think he charges desperate patients a lot of money to do very little. It may be worth it to some, but in my case wasn't worth the time or money. Also, my insurance rejected the claims because they consider his practice experimental. Do yourself a favor and exhaust all other options before seeing this doctor. I'm not saying he doesn't help people, but it's a very expensive price to pay for something that may or may not work for you. 
Insurance: Aetna
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RID: 596222
23/05/08 4 3 5 5 Dr. Filler was able to diagnose the cause of my chronic pain and fix it through surgery. Prior specialists had been unable to resolve the problem. He ran late for appointments but he also spent a great deal of time diagnosing my problem. His staff was upfront about his fee schedule. Very helpful and knowledgeable surgeon. 
Insurance: CIGNA
RID: 593878
20/05/08 5 4 5 5 Maybe it is me with the god-complex. Aaron is GODlike to me. After 2 years of surgeries and missed opportunities he nailed my injury and went about fixing it. No ego was involved when he sent me to other specialists or performed invasive tests BEFORE his surgery, to rule things out. The staff: couldn't be more helpful. Staff, OK my experience is that they are professional because I can call and see if he is running on time and know whether to come in a little late myself. It is not special to me, if you ask "does he run on time" they are honest and will ask for a phone number where you can 'always' be 20 +,- minutes out. That is what happens when surgeries run over or he spends extra time with a patient. Sure I waited, but I never felt rushed when he was in the room. If you have an ongoing problem, undiagnosable by every one. HE IS THE DOCTOR TO SEE. 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
RID: 485052
15/01/08 1 1 1 2 his staff was rude, I waited over four hours past my appointment time to see him, he only spent 25 minin with me, charged $500.00 he over rates his ability to diagnose. he only seems to want to inject you "with his technoligy" to make money 
Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield
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