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Dr. Ducko is very knowledgeable and willing to answer questions without condescension. His surgical skills are excellent -- my huge incision has healed well and he was right on top of the serious complication I developed before I even knew it existed. He visited me multiple times in the hospital, even on a Sunday when he was off. He excels at reading and interpreting xrays and CT scans, and is happy to explain them to you in great detail. His initial manner is brusque; he is brutally honest about the seriousness of his surgeries. He frankly told me "There is nothing minimally invasive about your operation". My first visit with him was very scary. My concern with Dr. Ducko is that he had a set timeline for my recovery -- my return to work, exercise, ceasing pain medication, etc and didn't seem to hear me when I told him I was still in pain even though he admitted inexperience with my surgery. I ended up doing too much too soon. All and all though clearly at the top of his field.

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