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RID: 5654705
15/07/14 1 1 1 1 First thing he tries to be funny, he is not funny at all. And no one wants to go to clinic to find a laughter, instead they expect the doctor to be friendly and an active listner. He makes up his diagnosis in one complaints. I went through 6 years of vigorous studies in medical school and have been taught certain patterns and parameters to diagnose and manage patient. First he thinks every infection is treated by antibiotics! DUDE you need to get some classes for antibiotic stewardship. THere is already 80% of antibiotics resistance and doctors like him are just increasing that one. second thing is he thinks he knows a lot than patient, well not only me but most of the doctors believe that patient knows the disease better than doctor. A patient will show respect to you when you maintain your attaire. Worst doctors like him are making our canadian healthcare so expensive, he tickd off nearly 20 investigations, dude your governement is paying that money but the people are payin tot the  Respond
RID: 5646146
13/07/14 1 1 1 1 "Dr." Eric. Elli's behaviour was completely unacceptable, exhibiting disregard for me as a patient, and wasting my time. I asked him for a product that contains the exact same medical ingredients I have been using for the past ~10 years with great success. I requested a prescription for this product, and without taking any of my thoughts, my experience with the drug, or the scientific research on the drug into account, and without giving me an explanation, he prescribed me a different, inadequate drug. All together he was probably in the room with me for ~1 minute, and then rushed out on me. I then went and gave the prescription to the pharmacist and she seemed perplexed as to why he prescribed me what he did, so she called the doctor to ask if he could change the prescription, and he refused. I set up a second appointment with him and he refused to see me, and would not even give me the opportunity to explain my situation. Completely Unacceptable!  Respond
RID: 3601342
10/11/13 4 2 1 1 I recently went into see dr. elli.I had waited at the clinic since 2:00pm and didn't get into his office until about 3:45.. to only last about 3 minutes. I had a reaction to something of some sort. I went in due to not being able to walk properly with my legs together etc. It's quite painful. And so I had showed him my reaction and he said that there was nothing he could do for the pain I was in. I told him that it was inflamed compared to what it normally looked and it was a severe burning. He said he did not remember an available treatment option for me and told me to go home and take a bath. I wasnt happy with the answer due to the fact that I told him when I take a bath, and get out it burns. His phone then rings. LOL. He picks it up!! He then answers a personal phone call while in the room with a patient! How professional. Then when hes finished,he says good day. Needless to say. I will never attend this clinic again with him.  Respond
RID: 2566284
21/02/13 5 4 4 4 I myself think Dr.elli is an amazing doctor.People need to realize that he's a methadone doctor and has proberly dealt with alot of crap from alot of people.I think from years and years of dealing with people to arent ready to quit their drugs and he's tired of people wasting his time.I can imagine the things and people he has seen just has a methadone doctor alone.I think he can tell if someone is serious about quitting he will help you to the fullest which is what he has done for me.He told me at day one he doesnt take crap and I can understand why.People take advantage!If it wasnt for dr.elli I proberly wouldnt be here today,he shoots at the hip and just that alone made me afraid to even be dirty which was what I needed.Now Im clean and he treats with with respect because he knows Im serious about needing help.Thanks dr.Elli!!!!  Respond
RID: 2544925
29/01/13 3 1 1 1 I seen him at a walk in clinic 3days ago.When I went in he came in and said "whats wrong?"I proceeded to tell him that I had a bad throat,fever & that my kidneys were aching.His reply was"kidneys don't ache.what did you do google that?"I was shocked & said "well I am prone to kidney infections & I have the same pain in my back."He did not even check my urine.He checked me & said that I had an ear infection,sinus infection and strep. He proceeded to give me a piece of paper & said "read this"i glanced over it but thought he meant to read it when I got home.He slammed his hand down & said "Read it NOW!I know your kind,the kind that comes in here for antibiotics & throws them away."I could not believe it!I am a stay at home mom of 3children &I take care of my elderly father.I do not have the time to sit in his office for 3 hours to get antibiotics & throw them out or the time to be sick.And he wrote me a prescription that i was allergic to  Respond
RID: 2286446
23/06/12 3 3 1 1 I went to his walk in clinic with a serious infection, I attempted to tell him of previous experiences I have had with antibiotics he was prescribing. He refused to listen and prescribed me a drug I was allergic to, became Irate and sarcastic when I tried to tell him my medical history from my previous Dr at the university clinic. The pharmacist would not fill his prescription as she said based on my records it would hurt me severely. When she called he refused to go by my medical records and ignored the pharmacist again prescribing something that was ineffective in the past. The problem did not resolve, I was never notified of test results and had to see another Doctor to deal with my issue. Eric Ellie is arrogant and utterly useless as a Doctor. I have never met a Doctor who was so disinterested in hearing a patients medical history. I could not be more disappointed, if you absolutely must see a Doctor, go to emergency rather than this quack.  Respond
RID: 2175069
30/05/12 4 4 5 5 Since I don't have a family doctor, and had to see one, I went to this clinic as it was highly recommended. I found Dr. Elli very warm, friendly, helpful, has great listening skills and funny also. Have no problem going back to see him.  Respond
RID: 2160296
25/05/12 3 3 2 1 Dr. Elli incorrectly diagnosed me with a sinus infection and gave me a prescription for some drugs. I got worse, went to my family doctor who said I had a small chest infection, nothing wrong with sinus. Same thing happened to my brother.  Respond
RID: 1858884
06/04/12 3 3 3 3 i also was on methadone with this awesome doctor, obviously when on the program , you are prone to do drugs, the drugs i did were benzodiazepines or otherwise sleeping pills. the only reason i did these were due to the fact that i was by self choice dropping rapidly on methadone, this doctor then decides to write motor vehicle and get my drivers license suspended, thanks great way to help your patients, certainly a way to help them better there lives.  Respond
RID: 1724550
28/02/12 5 5 5 5 We love Dr. Elli, I love his approach and how he likes to hear from the PATIENT! Very compassionate. He made a great diagnosis in one visit after years in USA trying to get to the bottom of what was going on! He is great!  Respond
RID: 1676957
04/01/12 1 1 1 1 This guy is useless. His bedside manner is rude and condesending. My wife visted him a 8 month's ago, and got attitude from him, and I visited him tonight with a simple throat infection...waited 2hrs ( which is fine as he was busy ) but very rude. Made very snarky comments and wouldn't even look you in the eye. The receptionist was also very abrupt ( now at least she had a reason to be crooked as people kept pestering her! ). I was stuck tonight so had no choice but to go in...will do my best to make sure to see my normal family doctor in the future. Final word...if your stuck what can you do...but avoid him if you can!!  Respond
RID: 1662137
15/12/11 3 3 1 1 very rude attitude. not open to discussing concerns. misdagnosed me with a sinus infection when i actually had a serious lung problem that required an emergency cat scan upon second opinion. very poor. would not recommend Elli  Respond
RID: 1632321
12/11/11 4 1 1 1 When it comes to doctors I try to be as understanding as possible because I know they are busy & see a lot of people faking illnesses, etc. I have encountered rude doctors before, but this guy takes the cake. I visited Dr. Elli this week and required nothing complicated, just a doctor's note for missing one day of class because I had been sick. Well he went on to ask me if I thought it was fair that I was trying to get ahead of my classmates by missing our test and getting a few extra days to study. I was caught so off guard by his rude and haughty manner. He continued to be very condescending and asked very inappropriate questions. Finally, I said to him, "you are being extremely rude," and he said "fine, say what you want," and walked out of the office and slammed the door in my face. In the end he did give me a doctors note but I had to stand in the waiting room and wait for it while I sobbed. Dr. Elli has zero bedside manner and should have his medical license revoked.  Respond
RID: 1478314
03/07/11 3 5 4 3 I accompanied my husband to this clinic at my husband's request as he was too weak to drive and walk. When Dr. Elli asked what was wrong, my husband started to tell him. The doctor asked how he got this way and I proceeded to tell him that I thought he had caught it from me. The Dr. then scolded me and told me to stop talking and that my husband could speak for himself and that he was not a 15 year old child. I was speaking at this point only as my husband was quite weak and I thought I could easily answer the question. He was very thorough with my husband and we feel he got good treatment however, he was abrupt with my husband at times and sarcastic. I'm not sure if he thought he was being funny but we were under a great deal of stress and thought this was very disrepectful. He needs to consider the manner in which he speaks to patients and caregivers and definitely owes us both an apology.  Respond
RID: 1432896
04/05/11 1 1 1 1 went to this doctor tonight ..# 1 i told him what he prescribed would interfear with my current meds...he didn[t care he still worte it ...wehn i went to pharmacy(regular) they advised me that he never even put my name on prescription and that if i had taken the medication that he prescribed i would have had a heartattack #2 when my pharmacist called out there she was on hold for 15 mins so i called and his secretary was nasty and rude to me # when my pharmicist told him that the medicaion interfeared with my current medication he refused to change it until she told him she would not fill it....so as for this doctor he should not be a doctor nor even carry a degree he is a upmost moroon..and if it wasn't for my SMART pharmacy team my son probably wouldn't have a mother tomorrow!!!he prescribed biaxcin http://www.drugs.com/interactions-check.php?drug...  Respond
RID: 1358417
09/02/11 5 5 5 5 Saw Dr. Elli last evening at the clinic - he was extremely helpful and helped me to feel less anxious about the issues that I had gone to the clinic for. Time will tell if his diagnosis is correct (he even said this - it will take awhile to discover all the possibilities) but I'm feeling much more positive about "stuff".  Respond
RID: 1331749
09/01/11 4 4 5 5 Great guy. He doesn't like malingerers or people who play mind games with him. Friendly, but shoots from the hip. You can't pull the wool over his eyes. I ca see why the druggie who gave the low rating didn't like him. That guy needs to find himself a pill-pusher.  Respond
RID: 1189026
14/06/10 2 1 1 2 I went to him and told him that i thought i had a urine infection or kidney infection and that i was having a lot of pain. he asked where who told me that this is what i had, so i told him that i had talked to alot of people about it and they all said the same thing, including my parents who are diabetics. he looked at me and said that just because they have a disease doesn't make them doctors. he told me to stand up and he touched my back for about 3 seconds and looked at me and said that i had back spasms and really bad posture. i asked him to take a urine sample to make sure it was an infection and test me for diabetes as well because i was at such a high risk, he refused. he prescribed muscle relaxants which i refused to take because i knew this was not the problem. i couldn't handle the pain anymore and ended up at emergency two weeks later where i was diagnosed with a kidney infection. HE IS IGNORANT AND SHOULD NOT HAVE HIS MEDICAL LICENCE !  See Responses
RID: 1156996
26/04/10 1 5 1 3 ive been with this doctor on the methadone maitinance treatment for 2 years now and first he seemed fine , but then it was like every question i asked him he just beat around the bush and never answered me.I found once getting to know me doctor elli did things backwards. instead of giving me more slack and trusting me more he cut me off and kept me on very tight rains.I asked him for carries one time for work and he just said flat out no.Then i said ok well if you have a good reason thats fine but i need to know wat it is.he then told me its confidential!! AND IM THE PATIENT!!! can u beleave that!! so now not only cant i work weekends anymore,(which doesnt look good cuz i just started the job) but he doesnt even have the respect to tell me why!!.soon as i can switch doctors...IM GONE!! DO NOT USE THIS DOCTOR !!! HES VERY IGNORANT!!  Respond
RID: 1132747
21/03/10 3 3 3 4 Had a terrible experience with this doctor. I called the clinic to have a flag put on my file for antibiotics which I had a life-threatening reaction to. Another doctor from the same clinic prescribed me antibiotics which my pharmacist flagged as not being able to take. I called the clinic to explain to them the EXTREME importance and to ask as to why this was not on my file. They wrote that I was rude in my file, Dr. Elli read it and all but refused to see me. Was very rude from then on out. Probably more the administration's fault, but I still deserved to be treated like any other patient.  Respond
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RID: 863244
16/04/09 5 4 5 5 Dr.Ellie seems informed, while ensuring you receive the best possible care.He does not rush you and listens attentively to your medical concerns.He provides the best treatment possible.  Respond
RID: 675503
28/08/08 5 5 5 5 Awesome Doctor! Great bedside manner. I am not surprised that he got a high rating on here! I look forward to being his patient for a very long time!  Respond
RID: 496075
27/01/08 4 5 5 5 Dr Elli is the best doctor I have ever come in contact with. He listens to you, explains things well, tells jokes and makes you feel better just by being in his presence! Such a great person!  Respond
RID: 467808
19/12/07 5 5 5 5 Great Doctor! Whenever I go to see him I am always in a good mood after I leave. His bedside manner is amazing and he has a way of making you smile all the time! Keep up the good work!  Respond
RID: 426123
09/10/07 5 4 5 5 If only all doctors took the time and listened to their patients like Dr. Elli does. He was able to get to the root of a medical issue that was years unrecognised by other doctors. He has such a great way with children also.  Respond
RID: 314608
10/05/07 5 5 5 Dr. Elli posesses both excellent medical skills and exceptional people skills and I really appreciate his diagnostic abilities. He's got a warmth and positive outlook which helps his patients feel a whole lot better despite their illness.  Respond
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