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Cosmetic / Plastic Surgeon-related: plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, breast enhancement, breast reduction, liposuction, chin implant, rhinoplasty, nose job, tummy tuck, botox, face lift, boob job, butt lift
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RID: 5350529
16/04/14 2 5 1 2 Several years ago, I saw Dr. Oxley regarding a medical breast reduction. There was quite a long wait list for surgery. As I was leaving, the receptionist called me back and told me that if I had another cosmetic surgery as well, I would get in faster. Probably true but I was taken aback by the sad reality and admission of such. After the surgery, I was only about one size smaller. As one friend said, "You could have gotten the same result by changing your sweater. Also, one breast was smaller than the other plus I had ugly "flaps" below my breasts. So I had to have another correction surgery. The size was smaller but still uneven in size and flaps still there. I wondered if the "flaps" were Dr. Oxley's trademark. They're very weird and unattractive. I am now waiting to see another surgeon to have them removed. This is not my idea of a job well done. 
Insurance: MSP
RID: 2681815
18/06/13 1 1 1 1   Respond
RID: 2506117
19/12/12 5 5 5 5 I have seen this fine gentleman for an ulnar nerve injury. He was referred to as being a very fine surgeon. I was very pleased with his explanation of my options and his consideration. He very conscientiously referred me to a very fine neurologist for evaluation. If my option is surgery I hope to have Dr. Oxley perform it . Irv Rogers Surrey, BC 
Insurance: MSP
RID: 2168205
29/05/12 5 5 5 5 Excellent choice as a cosmetic surgeon. I cannot stress how highly I rate this doctor, I work in the health care system, and I see them all. He did a wonderful job at correcting another surgeons mess from Alberta. My rating is A plus plus plus  Respond
RID: 1424317
25/04/11 4 4 4 5 had a consult with him, and he seemed very sweet, AND SHY!! after our appt he walked me out to his receptionist and that made me feel like he actually cared. :) pleasant initial consult.  Respond
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RID: 1395568
23/03/11 5 5 5 5 Dr. Oxley came highly recommended and my results show why. The facelift I had looks so natural. His staff was great and he took the time to answer my hundreds of questions  Respond
RID: 1231134
17/08/10 3 3 2 3 arrogant artist!!!so it depends if you prefer a surgeon with good bedside manner or good surgical skills!!!  Respond
RID: 1126034
12/03/10 5 5 5 5 Very skilled surgeon. Excellent outcome for my plastic surgery. My tummy is bikini ready again (after all my kids)! Also, he's easy on the eyes which is an added bonus. ;)  Respond
RID: 1125802
11/03/10 5 5 5 5 Just had a breast reduction and am very pleased. with the result. My GP highly recommended him. Do not be put off by what appears to be a cold manner during your first visit. He warms up when you get to know him a bit (I suspect he's a bit shy actually) I highly recommend him.  Respond
RID: 1117673
01/03/10 5 5 5 5 I think Dr. Oxley did a great job on both my tummy tuck and my breasts. I used to wiegh 180 lbs and being only 5 foot 3 he told me to lose weight before surgery to get a better result. I appreciated his honesty as some people wanted to operate right away. I lost the weight and had a bunch of loose skin and saggy breasts. He made it look great both upstairs and down! I'm gladd I waited as I know know that being short and 180 lbs I had to do my part before he could do his! A great result and I am so happy.  Respond
RID: 1104288
12/02/10 5 4 1 1 after having my kids i finally decided to have a tummy tuck and lipo of my abdomen, he got rid of my skin that was hanging but my stomach is not flat as he told me it would be my belly button was so deformed that if i wear a bikini everyone would say what happened to your belly button, i still can't wear a tight shirt without feeling uncomfortable and that was my biggest concern was would i have a flat stomach and he said i would i still can't wear tight shirts without a bulge, i told him i was not happy with the results and he was very cold and said okay come in and we will do a touch up and i did and the touch up results were very disappointing. Not happy at all with the results and would never recommend him to anyone and totally regret going to him.  Respond
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RID: 876763
03/05/09 5 5 5 5 It has been almost 4 years to the day since I had a breast reduction/lift performed by Dr. Oxley. Dr.Oxley is somewhere in the middle of fluffy and 'House'...you won't get fuzzy feelings. You get the facts. I appreciate that he didn't fill me up with promises. He told me how it was going to be. I was very impressed with his team and how well they treated me going into surgery. I took no pain killers and I was up and around as soon as the meds wore off. The end result...disappointing. Why?? Becuase my body doesn't look as great as my breasts do!! I can breast feed, I have scars...although I scar from a cat scratch! I am numb in one nipple, however I was warned that may happen. My nipples are perky all the time and pointing in the right direction!! YAY!! I love my breasts now for many reasons...no migranes, no back pain, no neck tention, no funny looks, finding bras and tops that fit, etc. I was recommended to see Dr.O and am very happy I did. Nice guy, confident surgeon, great results.  Respond
RID: 774593
27/01/09 5 5 5 5 I found Dr. Oxley to be a little distant the very first time I met him. However he soon made me feel at ease and I think he is just great. He had to re-do my breast operation due to another surgeon not doing it proportioned to my body. There is a minor scar that I wish he would have taken away completely but heck - everyone cannot be perfect! I would go see him again and recommend anyone else.  Respond
RID: 745723
17/12/08 5 5 4 5 I had a breast lift/reduction from Dr. Oxley 3+ years ago, and overall was very happy. I agree that his initial "bedside manner" is quite cool and indifferent, but after several appointments, including one minor "touch up", his warmth finally came through, and his personality actually grew on me. All in all, I would certainly recommend Dr. Oxley to others.  Respond
RID: 616621
18/06/08 5 5 5 5 I had a breast reduction in 2006 and have mixed feelings about the results. I have no complaints with respect to Dr. Oxley's knowledge or professionalism. He is a bit cold and impersonal, but projects an air of confidence and skill. My consultation was very short and I felt somewhat rushed, but he invited me to come back anytime with further questions. I asked what size I would be after the surgery and he said "a large C", which I was thrilled about, as I started out a triple D. My mistake was not to ask more questions and to be more clear about my expectations. What I actually ended up with is a large B, barely a C cup. As I am a larger woman, I now feel somewhat disproportioned. Also, my breasts and particularly my nipples are not symmetrical. However, I understand that natural breasts are seldom ever completely symmetrical, so I shouldn't expect a miracle. All in all, the procedure and the recovery was very uneventful and his post-op follow up was adequate.  Respond
RID: 580287
01/05/08 5 4 2 2 Had reconstuction surgery due to breast cancer, double masectomy. Breast did not look the same, nipples were not tatooed proper in size or positioning. They are now different sizes as well as location is not right on one side. Not happy with end results. Told me that I would be a full C cup once the perm. plants were put in. Went with this, and I am only a A to a small B cup. Not Impressed...I now wear a masectomy bra with inserts to produce the results I was hoping from the surgeon. On a good note, his secertary is very nice. He was nice as well just did not have the results that I was expectiong. No I am not a perfectionist, but would have not expected to go through all of the surgerys etc and still have to go the other root with masectomy bra and inserts.  Respond
RID: 504130
04/02/08 5 5 5 5 Dr oxley was very kind and helped me through a very difficult neck cancer. Excellent results.  Respond
RID: 397899
05/09/07 5 5 4 4 I saw Dr.Oxley about a year and a half ago for a breast reduction and just got in on Aug 23rd.He was very professional during initial consult right to drawing on me at his office the day of surgery.I am very pleased so far although still very bruised and swollen but the end result will be fantastic.His receptionist is very easy to talk to and very helpful and willing to answer any questions that I had.Overall I would recommend this doctor for reduction surgery and am very glad I finally did it.  Respond
RID: 386373
16/08/07 5 3 2 3 I received breast augmentation 2 years ago due to my breasts being 2 cup sizes different from each other (result from breast feeding). Dr. Oxley assured me once the implants were in they would be symmetrical. I questioned if a lift needed to be performed at the same time on the larger breast but again he assured me it wasn't necessary. Dr. also told me that my breats would be almost identical in size post surgery. Unfortunately post surgery one breast still remained higher & smaller than the other. At my post-op appointment I brought up my dissapointment and concerns but was told that they would even out as the implants needed to settle over time. Its been two years now and honestly they are almost as bad as they were before surgery. I have since seen Dr. Oxley on one other occasion to discuss options. He brought in another doctor from the same office for a 2nd opinion. Now he wants to do more surgery and will not compensate for any of it. Thoroughly disappointed!  Respond
RID: 370801
21/07/07 5 5 5 5 Dr. Oxley performed my breast reduction a few months ago. He made me feel very comfortable and answered all of my questions prior to the surgery. Post op he saw me right away when I had concerns regarding bruising (everything was fine), and saw me again 10 days later to make sure I was continuing to heal well. I am so happy with the final result now and would recommend him to anyone considering any kind of plastic surgery.  Respond
RID: 333939
31/05/07 5 5 5 I had a breat reduction done and everything went great. Very nice doctor who seemed to really strive for a great result. I'm very happy with how it turned out.  Respond
RID: 323125
19/05/07 4 5 5 I had a breast reduction/lift on May 15th, and must say I was very nervous. I had only had one consultation with Dr. Oxley before the procedure (I lived out of town but from the moment he walked in to draw on me I felt completely at ease.) He was very friendly and very confident in what he was doing. The bandages havent come off completely yet, but I must say things look very good so far, I only had to take pain killers the first few days and few well on my way to a great recovery. I would have no problem in recommending Dr Oxley, he is great!  Respond
RID: 310483
06/05/07 5 5 5 Wow I cannot believe everyones comments! I love Dr Oxley, I think he is really funny. I guess it is hard for people to like others when they are to vain. I had a bilateral mastectomy and am recieveing reconstruction from Oxley. I have no doubt in my mind that I am in capable hands with Dr Oxley. And so what if he doesn't take Visa.Lets really look at the important things in life.  Respond
RID: 299940
27/04/07 5 5 5 awesome experience with this doctor (as good as surgery can be!). answered all my questions, and did excellent work.  Respond
RID: 275628
12/04/07 4 5 5 I had a breast reduction done and "the girls" look beautiful! I'm so happy I did it. I'm thinking of a tummy tuck next and would definately see Dr. Oxley again.  Respond
RID: 275171
12/04/07 5 5 5 Treated cancer on my ear. Beautiful result. Very helpful. Can't thank him enough.  Respond
RID: 267402
09/04/07 5 5 5 I accompanied my elderly father on a number of visits to Dr. Oxley, who removed a recurring facial tumour. I was VERY impressed with his excellent attitude and manner with my father. He was positive but straightforward, very patient and friendly. I was shocked to read the negative comments about him!  Respond
RID: 241154
28/03/07 3 1 1 I was referred to him for a breast reduction. He bedside manner, cold and abrupt especially for the first visit when you have to disrobe to him. No sense of humour to break the awkwardness either. THEN the operation, well he wrecked my nipples. Honestly, cut the aereola crookedly and the other nipple never completely unpuckered...oh yeah, i could have gone in again so he could have another go and "fix" them...uh, I don't think so, would you? So, I agree with the other assessments...advice...find another plastic surgeon!  Respond
RID: 214380
19/03/07 4 5 5 I found Dr. Oxley to be very professional, helpful and very concerned with respect to the followup of my surgery.  See Responses
RID: 182374
10/03/07 3 2 3 I was referred regarding re-doing silicon breasts implants done 25 years ago. I went in with a lot of questions, which he barely answered (I got more from the internet). I also found him unhelpful in suggesting sizing, etc. In fairness, he was good at referring me for ultrasound to see if the old implants had to be removed. I decided against the operation at that time. I did not have full confidence in this doctor and will look for another when I'm in need of replacement. Also he did not take Visa, which in a "business" field such as he's in, I thought was not "customer friendly".  Respond
RID: 73682
23/12/06 3 1 2 Came well recommended & turned out to be a big disappointment. Performed a procedure on me in front of a student & had a horrible bedside manner: When I came in, he was on the phone, then no apology or nicety after, just: "Sit down & take your shirt off."! No hello, no understanding that I might be feeling vulnerable, nothing. He was supposedly modelling technique & bedside manner to the student, whereas HE'S the one who should have been taking lessons from the student! Arrogant & rude.  Respond
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