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RID: 1280119
26/10/10 5 5 5 5 Excellent doctor. Compassionate, caring, and takes the time to diagnose and treat you appropriately.  Respond
RID: 1069068
04/01/10 1 1 1 1 I had to book weeks in advance for a new patient appointment, only to get a call from the miserable front desk staff telling me that my appointment was cancelled as she would not be in the office that day and to call back and reschedule. upon calling to reschedule, i was told that she was no longer accepting new patients so that my appointment would not be honoured. I said that HER OFFICE had cancelled my appointment, to which the secretary told me that my appointment was cancelled because I had been wrongly booked. I asked her why I was asked to reschedule if that was the case, to which she said that in between the time that THEY had cancelled my appointment and the time I called back, she had decided not to accept new patients and my appointment would not be rebooked. I was absolutely disgusted  Respond
RID: 177609
08/03/07 3 5 5 I have been seeing Dr U for 3 years now. She has seen me through 2 pregnancies in this time. I feel very comfortable with her and now that I live 45 minutes away I am keeping her on as my doctor b/c I know I'll never find someone like here again!  Respond
RID: 175478
07/03/07 1 2 2 I went to see this dr. when mine left and was left waiting for 2 hours with a 6mth old and a 3 year old. She rushed in and out within minutes. The next time I went to see her I had to wait for 1 1/2 hours and then she told me to completely go off of my med and try something else. I since have found a great dr, but when I tried to get our charts transfered she had her receptionist call me on a Sunday and ask why I was leaving. She still has not transfered my chart despite it being requested 4 times and having my now dr. call her directly.  Respond
RID: 172789
06/03/07 4 5 5 She is amazing. Her staff is unorganized but it is hard to get good help these days.  Respond
RID: 158819
26/02/07 3 5 5 I found Dr Ugwumba to be very patient and helpful. I had a family Dr for 15 years and was never given a physical or any kind. Being a woman, this should have been done every year. Dr U made sure I was put through every test needed to ensure health. The only complain I have it her HORRIBLE STAFF- I believe the management of the admin staff accounts for many patients waiting and being backed up. Also, I was told in the waiting room, with several people sitting waiting, personal test results by one of the admin staff- Not Professional at ALL. I was scheduled to have an ultrasound and gave my information to her admin, I was not called after that to inform me of my ultrasound appointment date. I was called my the ultrasound tech 2 days before my appointment to confirm- I was not able to attend the appointment... again, Admin staff is horrible!  Respond
RID: 158739
26/02/07 3 4 4 Although at times you do have to wait to see Dr.Ugwumba, it is worth it, and I haven't been to too many doctors where you don't have to wait. She really will sit down and talk to you about all the aspects of your life, medical and family issues. She may seem to rush at times to give you medication but that is probably because she wants to help you immediately, not wait until another problem occurs. If you are concerned about time, book an appointment where you are first or last in the day.The new receptionist is also an improvement.  Respond
RID: 155361
23/02/07 2 5 5 Dr. Ugwumba is fantastic. I have very high expectations from medical professionals and I find Dr. Ugwumba fabulous!! It is true that her office staff isn't great, but this amazing lady makes up for it and she is definitely trying to find a better receptionist. When I first met Dr. Ugwumba, I was a little intimidated and considered leaving, but I decided to give her a chance and I am so glad I did! It's true that the wait can be long, but one day when I was feeling really bad Dr. Ugwumba spent 1/2 an hour with me, so now I totally respect the wait because I know that she is helping someone just like she helped me!  Respond
RID: 150893
21/02/07 4 4 5 She is very approachable and seems happy to see you, even on her bad days. The only draw back that I have is lack of suitable parking when going to see her.  Respond
RID: 149820
20/02/07 1 1 2 I too was very dissapointed with her tardiness. I showed up twice to her not even coming to work that day. I don't know if she realizes that we all have jobs too. After my son was born, I switched Dr's as I was not going to put him thru the wait also.  Respond
RID: 146615
18/02/07 1 1 1 Dr. Ug was caring for my Grandmother. She switched and changed medications every two weeks. She told me in the presence of my Grandmother that she wants to "kill her" because my Grandmother had a hard time processing information and getting all of the med changes wrong. We were interrupted in the middle of an appointment by the terrible office staff to inform Dr. Ug that there were 11 people waiting to see her, so she cut our appointment short after waiting the hour to get in. She has horrible bedside manners. She would ask questions and not even wait for my Grandmother to answer before asking more questions, mixing her up completely. We have since switched to a new doctor. We will never go back.  Respond
RID: 143913
16/02/07 4 2 3 I found Dr. Ugwumba to be great when I first switched to her but once I started prenatal care with her I became very disappointed. She was very rushed and dismissed any concerns I had. She was very forgetful, I had some troubles at the start of my pregnancy and she was very unhelpful. I would not recommend her for prenatal care at all. I agree that her office staff is terrible. On a positive note I have always been able to get in to see her on short notice.  Respond
RID: 142152
15/02/07 4 5 5 I have been seeing Dr. Ugwumba for the past two years. She is an amazing lady and an incredible doctor. I have nevermet a physician who is as personable and as willing to spend time with her patients. She also remembers our names and faces as she will say hello if we run into her on the street. My entire family sees Dr. Ugwumba and we couldn't be happier. There needs to be more doctors like her.  Respond
RID: 141827
14/02/07 1 5 5 Dr. Ugwumba is great. She takes her time with you and is always willing to listen. HER OFFICE STAFF IS TERRIBLE. I believe her practice could be run more effectively by hiring better office managers!!! She has always been there to support myself and my son whenever we need her. I have since referred on 5 of my friends to her.  Respond
RID: 125315
03/02/07 1 5 5 Dr. Ugwumba is a wonderful Dr and she seems to be very knowledgable. I trust her. It bothers me that everytime I see her I have to wait minimum 1 hour past my scheduled time for appointment. If I were to see another Dr it would be for the reason of wait time in the waiting room. I wish they would make the scheduling better, because she is a fantastic lady. I do think that the reason people wait is because she spends quality time with her patients.. hopefully they can start allocating time better.  Respond
RID: 124625
02/02/07 4 5 5 ever since she took over my last dr's practice , i find her to be very nice and very helpfull. i never have a problem getting into see her. and when i do, there is'nt much of a wait.  Respond
RID: 119514
30/01/07 1 1 2 Dr. Ug. disappointed me quite a bit. She made me feel awful every time I visited, by telling me things like "you need to lose weight" and "you shouldn't be working so hard". She was VERY quick to prescribe medication, and not so quick to try other methods. When I asked for a second opinion by another health professional, she totally discounted what he said (even though he is a specialist in the field) and told me to stop listening to him. I do not recommend her. Furthermore, she is NEVER on time for appointments.  Respond
RID: 110861
24/01/07 4 5 5 I switched to her from my regular doctor and am very satisfied with her work. She's easy to talk to and very friendly.  Respond
RID: 107371
22/01/07 1 1 2 This doctor was not helpful to me at all. She took over my old doctor's practic. If you made an appointment it took 1-2 hours to see her. She didn't have time to listen to the medications was trying to have renewed (diabetic related). Made snap judgements about medications prescribed to me by specialists and discontinued drugs or reduced drugs that were part of a total package of care needed by me. I discontiued seeing her after only 3 visits. The third visit being the last straw when I was showed up for my appointment and no one was there.  Respond
RID: 98409
18/01/07 5 5 4 She is very thorough and persistent. If she can't fix it she will send you to a specialist who will.  Respond
RID: 65818
07/12/06 1 4 4 Dr. Ugwumba is NEVER on time!!! I have had to wait for up to an hour and a half to see her for a three minute visit. She is quite nice, but does not compare to my last doctor. Office staff are not well-organized.  Respond
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