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RID: 2620921
18/04/13 2 2 1 1 My uncle had Dr. Lythgoe perform his cateract surgery. She completely botched his "routine" operation. Not only did she ruin his vision, when he came out of surgery he looked like someone had beaten him. His face was so badly bruised, it was nothing less than disturbing. My grandparents lived in Horizon Village in Red Deer and reported that other friends of their's had the same experience as my Uncle. My Grandmother had her cataract surgery in Wetaskinwin and had excellent results.  Respond
RID: 2616988
14/04/13 5 4 5 5 Dr. Lythgoe is one of the best doctors I know of when it comes to eye care. Educated, direct approach, practical, well respected and knowledgeable. Her level of care is above any I have ever seen and her knowledge is off the charts. You do have to wait to see her but when you figure she sees about 60 people a day, you have to give her credit for being run off her feet. This is not a result of overbooking but representative of the shortage of doctors in AB and the impact her schedule takes when she has to see emergencies cases. I would wait all day to see this woman especially when ti comes to the care of my eyes. I think she's the best 
Insurance: AHC
RID: 2539660
23/01/13 1 1 1 5 Dr. L. is overbooking herself and is not spending enough quality time with her patients. 
Insurance: AHC
RID: 2392992
04/08/12 3 1 1 5   Respond
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RID: 1748903
16/03/12 4 5 5 5 I had my left cataract surgery in 2007 and my right early this month. Both experiences were positive. This time I had very short waits for appts in the waiting room, an expedient hospital visit, and my surgery seems to be 100%. Yes, Dr. Lithgoe is busy, however also took the time for a few personal comments at the office visit. At the hospital I found her to be super busy, yet cheerful, having fun, and very supporting with a personal connection. I would highly recommend Dr. Lithgoe  Respond
RID: 1716507
17/02/12 5 5 5 5 I just had my visit today with Dr. Lythgoe and found her to be very competent and easy to talk to. I read some of the comments before my appointment ...was almost afraid to keep my appointment well I found her to be most friendly so much so I have booked another appointment with her.Staff amazing as well... good experience.... :-)  Respond
RID: 1691446
19/01/12 1 1 1 3 this woman needs to think of her patients time that she wastes on people coming in at 8 am THEN told its a 4-6 hour wait!!!!B.S.. IF THEY TELL YOU 8AM,THEN PATIENTS SHOULD BE SEEN WITHIN AN HOUR,NOT 4-6 HOURS. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME HERE,GO ELSE WHERE I DID.  Respond
RID: 1515727
18/08/11 5 1 1 1 This doctor is the most arrogant and rude doctor I have ever met. She is known to be very knowledgable but her interaction with patients is unbelievable rude. She should use her vast knowledge and expertise and go into research and not have any dealings with patients. I would rate her compassion as zero. We waited for three hours, which is fine as we expected that. What we didn't expect was her rudeness and lack of feeling. I have to say her staff was very pleasant and helpful. I can't imagine what it must be to work for someone like that. She saw my brother who had lost vision in one eye from a horrific vehicle accident. He had lost everything in his life, his livlihood, family, partial vision and will be in chronic pain the rest of his life. I'd like to thank her for taking someone in this state and grinding his self esteem a little bit futher down in the dirt. There are other doctors, find them and save yourself the torture of seeing this one.  Respond
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RID: 1239425
29/08/10 4 4 5 5 I had just had a cataract surgery done by Dr. Lythgoe and I can say that I am more than 100% satisfied with the results. Of course there are risks with any surgery but she explains that to you beforehand. It's the first time that I can see clearly after about 8 years of blurred vision with glasses or contact lenses. Now I don't need either. I think she is only one of two eye surgeons in central Alberta, so yes she is extremely busy.I have also seen an ophthalmologist in Calgary and he put me on a years' waiting list for the surgery, but Dr. Lythgoe usually does your surgery after 4 weeks from your time of examination. I think she is a miracle worker. My dad just had his eye done by her too and his results are great.I highly recommend her.********  Respond
RID: 1227913
12/08/10 5 5 5 5 I think that Dr. Lythgoe is a good Doctor. She warns people ahead of time that you are going to wait for 2 hrs and the first time I didn't know this I was annoyed. The second time I knew what I was getting into so no problem. Do I like it? No I perfer Doctors who value their patients time as much as their own. We choose our professions and we need to respect others. She was not rude to me but pleasant. I did find that the tests I had to take two days off of work for could of been done in one day. For the 2 hrs that they keep you waiting you could have the other test done. I do wonder how much physicians charge for the work that gets done.  Respond
RID: 1225176
09/08/10 3 1 3 2 Probably a very competent opthamologist, but personality counts for something. She was very abrupt, and does not consider the impact of procedures on your life. She considered a 6 week medical leave from work 'no big deal', which it very much is in my world (no 'sick time' at work). Also seems to do a LOT of unnecessary 'tests'. Yes she's busy, but that might be because she ultrasounds the same eye three times in an hour, or takes your eye pressure 3 or four times a visit, even though nothing changes. I was not impressed. Chacon is a much better all-round physician.  Respond
RID: 1195854
24/06/10 3 3 5 5 Effecient, talented, exceptionally busy. Would highly recommend her  Respond
RID: 1189511
14/06/10 2 5 5 5 I went with my Dad today, I was nervous because of the comments left here. No worries. We got in on time, he was taken back to do his eye exam, got drops (which take an hour to take effect, hence the wait that other people have complained of.) They explained that the average appointment takes 2 hours from start to finish. She was very concise and straight to the point, but very compassionate and kind. I would definitely recommend her. And she did ask Dad to spit out his gum so he wouldn't choke while his chin was stuck up in the air on the slit scope. Completely understandable!  Respond
RID: 1152353
19/04/10 3 1 1 3 I brought my dad in for an appointment and God help me if I ever have to go back. You are not allowed food or drink in the waiting room. I find this insane since they have you waiting for hours on end. Once in the room, she started giving me the risks of surgery. When I asked if my Dad had Cataracts or Glaucoma she answered me with a "how should I know I haven't even looked?" When I asked about the complication rate for the surgery she responded with a "I can't give you that!! Everyone is different". I sure she could have given me a percentage rate of something. 1 in 4, 1 in 10? I found her very rude, abrupt and abrasive. She wanted an answer whether we were proceeding with cataract surgery that very minute. If we wanted to proceed we would have to come back where we would be "squeezed" in between booked appointments and could expect a wait of 4 hours. Maybe the Dr needs to focus on less patients and better care. I'm going to Edmonton or Calgary. I'm seeing a Dr that has a heart!  Respond
RID: 944131
22/07/09 4 4 5 5 exceptionally busy doctor with a packed waitig room; a testimony to her excellence. Honest in telling you potential risks of surgery and leaves the decision to you. Very thorough. Can be a long wait if you are being seen on short notice but well worth the wait.Does not tolerate fools or rudeness. gives her best to each patient  Respond
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RID: 910100
10/06/09 2 3 5 5 Very efficient and thorough. I had and have full confidence in her even though she talks so fast !  Respond
RID: 735916
03/12/08 3 1 1 3 I had a very disappointing appointment. She seemed overconfident in her knowledge and had little interest in answering my questions. As we left, my husband and I both felt we should look for a different doctor for cataract surgery. Thankfully we found a much better solution.  Respond
RID: 392115
25/08/07 1 1 1 3 I brought my mother into see Dr. re: cataracts - we were 15 min early for our appt so that we would not keep her waiting if it were our turn. My mom is 80, with cateracts and pancreatic cancer. While checking in at the desk we waited while the receptionist was being berated by the doctor for issues that public should not be concened with - the receptionist was very polite and calmed the Dr. She (the dr.) then stated that she had done 43 cataract surgeries the day prior and that was why she was 'cranky'. So, once checked in we seated ourselves in her very 'full' waiting room - 2.5 hrs we were still sitting there - three people were sleeping - she triple books appts - you cannot leave the waiting rm for a coffee (no food/dks allowed in wting rm) because you give up yr space if you do. Once into see her - she is abrupt - short tempered and says that she is the only one in central AB doing this so too bad for you. She denied my mom surgery - because it wouldn't benefit her now...!  Respond
RID: 195945
14/03/07 5 5 5 Yes, she is busy and there is a wait & to me that's fine my vision is worth the wait. She was helpful, listened and answered all my questions.  Respond
RID: 194044
13/03/07 3 5 5 i have seen the doctor as an emergeny patient, wholes in my retnas, she has done emergency surgery on me twice in one month, also referred me to a retna specialist which i have already seen and he was awesome as well, they are trying to help me as best they can, and yes you may have to wait for a while to see her, but big deal what is your vision worth to you, she is one doctor serving a very large area, i feel special that she will even see me when she can. thank-you very much for saving my vision.  Respond
RID: 65202
06/12/06 4 4 4 Unfortunately, you feel like your on a conveyer belt when you go to see this doctor. It's in to one room for one test, then on to another for the next and so on, until finally she shows up. She asks you questions, doesn't really seem to listen to your answers, writes down a bunch of stuff and runs out the door. Also, she does NOT give prescriptions for glasses under ANY circumstances, so if you need them, you also have to go to an optomotrist (probably at your own expense). I don't doubt that she is capable, but she really is too busy to do the kind of job that I think any physician should do.  Respond
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