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Dr Reeves had been my doctor at Regional Eye Ctr so I transferred to Reeves Eye Ins. I saw him 18mths ago & he gave me a presc for my contacts. However this yr when I scheduled my appointment for exam/contacts they didn't bother to tell me they don't have a contact lens tech on staff & are unable to prescribe contact lenses. I went for my exam & at the end was told they don't deal with contacts & I would need to visit an optometrist. So I left without anything except paying a $40 copay and exhausting my insurance-no eyeglass prescr, no contact lens presc-NOTHING. Since I am only allowed one eye exam per yr I had used up my exam allowance without being able to obtain a presc for my contact lenses. I called multiple times for 2 weeks & spoke with several different ones but never got anything resolved. They would say they would call me back but never would & I would call again. Finally, I gave up and saw an optometrist & had to pay out of my pocket. BEWARE CONTACT LENS PATIENTS!

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flag | Submitted June 18, 2014

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