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I went to office for eczema outbreak. my appointment was for 845, i arrived at 830. found out the person on the phone who made my appointment filed me in the system wrong, and didnt notify the office i was a new patient or had insurance. of course i was BLAMED for their office intercommunication error. even though i arrived for my appointment early, i was informed i had to fill out paperwork and thus was late. ok thats fine i'll fill it out, i never expect a medical office to be right on schedule, so i filled out the paper out and waited. 845 roles around. i give them my paperwork and they take my copay after everything is verified, ok so i'm just waitng for my actual visit i dont say anything i just sit and wait patiently then an hour goes by. i'm still not seen, no one has apologized or explained the hold up or offered me information for how much longer. instead i see patients arriving after me go in, and multiple drug reps scheduling "lunchens" with the doctors. so i ask nicely how much longer, again i am blamed for not being put in their office computer correctly and sandra is still with her 830 patient anyways. so another 20 minutes goes by, i get up again and this time tell them, its now well over an hour past my appointment, i need to see somebody i am yet still waiting. finally they opened up a room for me.( around 1030) take my weight, height, blah blah and then im FInally going to see this Dr Sandra Globus. she enters, im friendly and ask how she is and i'm not rude even though i have the right to be frustrated for their lack of professionalism. i'm not even in her office for five minutes. she doesn't even look up from her desk. just asks me the questions i already answered on her forms they made me fill out. literally word for word. is your mother living, has she been diagnosed with anything, your father, your siblings etc etc. whats the point of that? all yes or no answers that i have already filled out, and yet she makes a snide remark that i didnt think the question of what medications are you taking to include the cream i need for eczema. sorry not a doctor that's what im here for you. i assumed that question was for things that have adverse side-effects or is used for a chronic disease like diabetes. The real reason i was there was completly ignored. I wanted to ask her about a stronger dose for my cream because i go through it quickly and it seems to not be as effective but she CUT ME OFF, and just wrote the one for the cream i already had. she didn't look at my skin, or the areas effective or ask what triggers my eczema or anything relative to why i there. i never felt so upset by such unprofessional staff and doctor.

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