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I broke out in rash and had several factors that could have caused it, so I went to a Dermatologist for my second time ever. The first time I saw a Dermatologist was in Florida and I think she followed the 4 foot distant law, meant for patrons at a strip club, not patients you are suppose to be diagnosing a skin condition! So I was skeptical! At Dr. Graves' Office I put on a paper robe and was completely examined, meaning he looked closely at my skin:) I told him the factors that I felt may have caused the outbreak. He said what he thought it to be, but gave me a biopsy to be completely accurate. He then prescribed creams. I went to fill the prescriptions and they were very pricey, even with my insurance. I called and spoke with a wonderful nurse who said she'd relay the info to Dr. Graves. Dr. Graves actually called me the next day and gave me the biopsy results with a plan of action. He also prescribed cheaper creams. Could not be happier:)

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