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About two years ago (2009) I saw Dr. Mar for the first time. He was professional, caring and polite. Dr. Mar takes a pride in his work. On that visit, he couldn't save my tooth because of the cracked root caused by a forcefully inserted stem by another dentist. On my second visit I even didn't ask my dentist for a referral, because I didn't need my lousy dentist’s opinion, I knew that the only specialist (I was lucky to have a referral for an excellent specialist) can help me. Unfortunately, I don’t have experience with another endodontist to compare though. My second visit was last November. So far the tooth I thought had to go is holding and improving. I had a bad infection at the roots so the bone was really rotten. Now the condition is steadily improving. I think that Dr. Mar saved that tooth. I know that my opinion of him is upbeat, but that is how I feel about him and his staff.

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flag | Submitted March 7, 2013

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