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Dawn is THE reason that I had such an amazing pregnancy and birth experience. I was terrified and anxious about labour and delivery and Dawn was instrumental in calming my nerves and making me feel accepting of everything. She was able to overcome my fears and objections and used her knowledge and positivity to turn my anxiety into excitment. Previous to practicing midwifery, Dawn was a nurse and her balanced and informative approach made me feel like I was being presented with all of the facts in an objective way so that I could make an informed decision. Dawn supported me in the decisions that I made, even if she disagreed. During labour, Dawn came to my house and stayed with me for many hours. She was with me at the hospital for every minute and the experience was positive - all because of her After I had finished my postpartum visits, I was sad that it was all over. Dawn will be, without a doubt, my midwife for my next baby and I consider myself so fortunate to have her in my life

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