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The rudest pain management doctor I have ever been to. He actually told me very condescendingly that I could leave if I did not want to follow his protocol which was basically tylenol and I could have done that at home..absolutely refused to provide adequate pain meds to me for a serious condition and acted like it was annoying or him to spend anytime with me. I have never been treated so reprehensibly as when I was at Tarzana Providence Medical Center in the past weeks when I have come in ER. Angry, unprofessional, unwilling to follow Hypocratic oath....Anti-thesis of a caring doctor...I am sure he loves receiving my insurance checks though. Staff followed his lead and ignored me..He actually told me to leave the hospital and get off his patient list. Threatened to call security if I interrupted him. Tarzana Medical Center..please listen up..this guy is a huge legal and medical liability for all parties. Needs to be disciplined and out to pasture. Burned out and spiteful.

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flag | Submitted May 20, 2014

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