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This doctor is the worst at bedside manners. He is rude, unprofessional, and definitely OUT OF LINE. Do not let him near your loved ones! Especially if they are sick and are about to pass. He is the meanest doctor that I've had to deal with out of 13. He should've gotten out of the profession a long time ago when he realized that he couldn't deal with patients and their family during painful times. My grandmother fought for a month and was ready to go through palliative care. She was suffering and miserable. It was her decision but he was resistant and made the family feel horrible and guilty. He did not introduce himself and would not even give us eye contact when talking about our grandmother. He was rude and contradicted everything else we were told by other doctors. After he was done with his inappropriate 5 minute bashing he took off without acknowledging or saying anything else to the family. He has done this multiple times. Too bad we can't make a formal complaint. BEWARE.

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