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Since the surgery it seems we have been completely abandoned by Dr. McGee and his office staff. It took numerous attempts to get discharge info from his office after there was a VERY serious complication and that should never happen (the lack of communication, that is). The same has been with getting an order for cardiac rehab. Something that should have begun approximately 6 weeks after surgery, hasn't been ordered even after multiple attempts from the rehab center to obtain. At this rate the full return to work that Dr. McGee stated would happen, isn't going to. Also, the post-op and pre-surgical notes contained a plethora of inconsistencies making us wonder if Dr. McGee paid any attention while we were in his office at all. Frankly, we are beginning to think by his pre-op notes that he pigeon-holed us into whatever study he's working on because several points in the reports are outright lies. The inconsistencies were shameful for a man of his supposed experience and talent.

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flag | Submitted July 7, 2012

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