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James Rotello has been our #1 doctor of choice for just about anything that ails my daughter and I. We went to him regularly for many years when he had an office in Ojai. Between the two of us he's treated severe cases of candida, hormone imbalance (menopause) , parasites, allergies (seasonal and cat) mercury toxicity, hearing loss, nutritional deficiencies, etc. The results have been astounding. He's saved us literally thousands of dollars-not to mention time-due to his ability to diagnose and treat so much in one office visit. Amazingly he's able to cure and treat with a bare minimum of acupuncture and/or natural remedies-one or two supplements tailored perfectly to our individual needs. Now that he's moved to Beverly Hills we're in search of a closer doctor and are having a very hard time. Beverly Hills is lucky indeed!

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