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I came to Dr. Anderson on the referral of my internist because of knee pain. I was diagnosed to have osteoarthritis in both knees. Dr. Anderson quickly ascertained options and suggested I do Hyalgan injections vs. steroid injections. He felt the steroid injections would only benefit me for a short time. After ok from the insurance he did the injections over a three week period. The injections helped and I had the procedure done twice and have not been in for over 16 months. Knee pain has dissipated and I can do yard work and other daily functions without knee pain being there the next day. He was very professional in explaining everything from procedure, symptoms and interventions he suggested for me. He told me this should help alleviate having surgery and it did and get back to doing daily things with little or no pain. It has allowed me to put knee replacement on the back burner for several years. I wish I could find a primary doctor that I trust as much as him.

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flag | Submitted Feb. 16, 2011

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