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I am so pleased with Dr. Yang. She is professional and knowledgable. She reviews my test results from other sources, my bbt chart, asks questions about my cycle, and evaluates as a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She will work with you if you are working with other infertility specialists. She doesn't sugar-coat her assessment but explains in understandable terms what is going on and what she can and can't do to help. Her English is very good. I feel that she is committed to helping me. I see her weekly and she gives me chinese herbs as well as acupuncture, changing the herbs every week depending on where I'm at in my cycle and what's going on. Sessions are about 45 minutes to an hour. She runs no more than 10 minutes late ever, usually right on time. Herbs are extra but much less than my previous TCM specialist, so total cost each week for me is about $108.

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