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Three years ago, I was chemically interdicted. The crime was controlled and covered-up by this foreigner.This faceless demon is a danger to anyone unlucky to be determined critical with the present day detestable practices of symptom flow chart liability. Many people have died under the JMPN title. I determined the cult of death is very near. The participants pursue neurobiological states to kill the unsuspecting elderly victim. My experience with forced clinical toxicity is a very emotional and frightening memory. The proceedings in court will not be mediated in hopes of keeping the issue quiet. She saw an opportunity to kill a white Anglo Saxon male and made every effort to overdose me with psychotropic formulas. I stole my life back, after having 10 mgs or profonol and 20 mg of ativan and 30 mg of haldol fed to me for 3 days. I witnessed the violations when they were sure I was in a coma. Life in an altered state is not forgotten. I thoroughly studied chok magok .

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