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I stopped seeing Dr. Mirchin years ago but couldn't remember exactly. I figured I'd give him another try when work done by my most recent dentist repeatedly needed to be repaired. He did examine my tooth with a chipped filling and hole that was visible to the naked eye and did an x-ray. But for apparently no reason, he suddenly flat out refused to do any work without first doing a complete exam of all of my teeth with a full set of x-rays! I wasn't due for a full exam for another six months so I had no choice but to get up and leave. This despite that I made the appointment specifically to have the filling repaired and confirmed that as the reason for my visit at the beginning of my appointment. All he did was waste my time and remind me - his personality and ego made me leave a decade ago. I have nothing good to say about him and am refraining from saying all the negatives I really think.

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