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Saved my eyesight in my left eye. Extremely professional,compassionate and calm in the crisis.No matter how you detach a retina it is a crisis. Three surgeries. One was basically on an emergency basis in his office while my husband handed Dr. the tools. (Holiday w/e and no operating rooms would have been available.) Dr. fixed it in office anyway. 2nd surgery= scleral buckle surgery. Major time under anesth and heavy duty repair. Third sugery was small tear on very outside of retina. Not one "weld" of the retina that Dr. did on my eye broke loose. Same cannot be said for other surgeon. 8 yrs ago now and all has held. needed a lens replacement after all the gas bubbles (necessary for a retina repair). But, that is life. with small correction i have 20/20 in that eye. There are a few small blind spots on periphery. I am very fortunate. If you have a retinal tear call Vitreoretinal Associates in Seattle and ask for Dr. Wells. Get there immediately. Failure to treat can cause blindness.

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