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I was scheduled for an appt and had to wait 1 1/2 hours and was told this was the standard. I then had a scheduled procedure that was rescheduled by mail one day before the procedure (no phone call)and the time was changed which was not indicated on the letter. My rescheduled procedure was at 7am, I did not get called for prep until 9:30am only to be taken for vitals and insurance info. I was taken back to the waiting room until 11:30pm, then I was given a gown and shown a bed. My procedure was about 45 minutes,the surgery staff was helpful and nice. I was taken to the waiting room around 1pm. The problem is the front office (which are very rude and not helpful) do not speak to the surgery staff. My ride was never called, I had to call my ride when I was in the waiting room. Dr. Ibarra does not care either. He saw me only 5 minutes at the first appt and was on the phone when I was wheeled in for the procedure feel like this office preys on immigrants and does not value their time.

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flag | Submitted May 9, 2012

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