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Chui has no "bedside manners". She answers curtly with as little information as possible. She does not over extend herself to explain things. I question her knowledge. She uses as little time as possible with her patients and gives off a "you're on a conveyor belt, you're a chart # and no more" attitude. I had my moles checked and her attitude was "humored" when she told me I did in fact have a suspect mole that needed immediate removal. She did not ask me if I had questions and I wasn't comfortable interrupting her as she was already saying "you can get dressed now" and standing up. Also, billing has NO idea what's going on with the healthcare changes, and although I asked for inquiry into my coverage 2 weeks ahead, received a call from billing the day before my mole removal (last minute much?), with INCORRECT information about my plan. I had to have my HR department call them, but they had the same experience and had to escalate it. In the end, I went elsewhere and will not return.

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flag | Submitted June 13, 2014

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