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My first impressions of Dr Bornstein and staff were positive ones. But after agreeing to allow him to perform surgery and the insurance check cleared after the surgery, all of that changed! He laughed when I explained to him that I was in severe pain after the surgery (due to a nerve that he apparently mistakenly injured) simply blew me off and sent me on my way. During the free post op visit he's got no time for his patients. If you've got concerns or questions you're on your own. As for the receptionist, she was astonishingly rude and shouted and screamed at me when I requested the necessary documents needed to submit to my employer in order to return to work. In summary I never write reviews on anything.... EVER. Just hope this helps someone out there who might be fooled, just as I was at how the staff will trick you into thinking they are great. Don't be fooled, they aren't.

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flag | Submitted June 24, 2014

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