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Hi,I am Ram Prasad (Research Associate, UAB). Last day of the year on 31st Dec 2012, I got surgery for my wisdom tooth extraction by Dr. Terry Whatley. My experience is marvelous. Initially, I was little scared but after surgery, I felt it is like nothing when you are in experienced hands. When, I am writing this opinion, it is second day of surgery. My whole surgery for two wisdom tooth extraction only took 20-25 minutes. I did not have any severe pain and healing is seems fast. I can eat soft food and can drink juice etc. His staff members nurse and assistant doctors (Sorry, I forget your names, but soon I will include) are really-really good. I want to strongly recommend Dr. Terry Whatley and his nice and trained staff for your oral health problems even surgery. I would like to give overall rating for this team is 5 out 5 (Best). Ram Prasad

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