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I would not recommend Dr Gould to anyone. I was diagnosed with a rare tumor and I left the appt in tears, thinking I had 50/50 prognosis; which really took me by surprise when I had never read that about anyone before with this rare tumor. The scheduling office scheduled us for a second appt at 11:20 and then he refused to see us when we got there because he doesn't see anyone after 11. They should have known that when scheduled appt. Then we ran into him in the hallway later on and he wouldn't even talk to us. Then calls me at 7 that night to tell me that I should see someone else. He was going to refuse to see me. I feel bad for his assistant, Ricardo, because I wouldn't want to work for someone who is constantly changing their story. Dr Gould gave me 3 different stories within the same phone conversation. I wouldn't recommend him to anyone, not even my worst enemy.

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flag | Submitted June 12, 2013

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