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If you don't want to deal with endless disputes about insurance coverage, or you want the office to follow through when they tell you they will do something, then I recommend you find a different doctor's office. I was very happy with Dr Saw for many years, but recently there were changes in his office staff which put him at the very bottom of my list of doctors. Example: the last time I wanted to ask the doctor a simple question about a test he ran, the office manager said the only way to speak with the doctor for a moment was to make an appointment (including paying another co-pay). If you have a simple follow up question after a visit, do you want to make an appointment, take time out of your day to drive to their office, pay another office visit co-pay, and then wait a 1/2 hr? All just to ask a question which would have taken 1 minute over the phone? This would never have happened with the previous office manager.

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