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When my son's 2nd grade teacher said she thought we should have him tested for learning disabilities, I was skeptical but just in case she was right, I sought a 3rd opinion in Dr. Nakhshab. You can't possibly meet a gentler, more humble man who cares so strongly for his patients and knows his profession as thoroughly as Dr. Nakhshab. He worked with my son individually but also worked with the family to establish an entire support system at home. He also was very familiar with school politics and knew what they can and should provide in way of support. He guided me in seeking those resources as well. After 8 months' of visits, Dr. Nakhshab let us know that while he appreciated our visits, he wasn't sure we needed them anymore. We stopped visiting, but remember his advice regularly and are comforted by the idea that he is available should we need him again.

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