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Dr. Nguyen performed my total thyroidectomy- mine was a complicated case, as I had large multi-nodular goiters w/ solid & cystic components- which had been rupturing, and the large swelling was preventing me from swallowing much. There were also some concerns about my parathyroids, which were found to be ok once he got in there. Needless to say, it was a long surgery. He is very skilled and did a wonderful job- with what all he had to do to fix me, and not make something else worse at the same time. I went home the next day, and I followed his instructions to the letter so I had zero adverse complications. The scar doesn't look too bad now, I still have my voice, my parathyroids, and I can swallow again. I will be forever grateful to this amazing surgeon!

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flag | Submitted May 8, 2013

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