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The BEST, CHAMP eye doctor I've met. Knowledgable, patient and kind. Staff was great too. I've gone through THREE different one before her and never gave my autistic 6 year old son (past 2 years) thorough exam with accurate measurement and diagnosis. One even labelled my son legally blind which he wasn't. Along with the help from Special Needs team at Texas School for the Deaf, Dr. Miller made it happened and found out what was wrong with my son. I've never been so pleased with the work she has done for my son. I with my son witnessing the whole thing. I was in awe. It was amazing what kind of accommdation they made to suit my son's condition and got answers from him. My son actually understood the instructions and answered Dr. Miller. She understands him, his condition and knows what to do. The other 3 wasn't comfortable with him being autistic and made me do some stuff which they were supposed to do, not me. I strongly recommended her. She's the best!

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flag | Submitted March 18, 2013

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