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Dieter Bruno is acutely intelligent, sensitive, caring, punctual. Extremely educated at Duke University with some of the best. He is trained in the most sophisticated robotics surgery techniques and he is one of the best surgeons in Northern California in his field. (Fact not hype). He makes you feel like the only patient on earth and he gives you his full undivided attention--not warm and fuzzy...intense. He is a superbly insightful diagnostician. Like a Medical School Professor at Harvard Medical School, where I used to work (1986) Had he not been, I might not be here to write this review. I am 63 and have seen many doctors in my lifetime. He is a Christian (a real, not a relgious one.) Passionate about saving people's lives at Sequoia Hospital. He will tell you the gentle but absolute truth about your situation. If the news is real bad he is ever hopeful and comforting. He puts others needs ahead of his own. Met me AT the hospital several times. If there is an emergency he drops everything to go to the operating room to help his patient. I went through a period of severely compromised immune system/antibiotic resistance (now solved with strict Whole Foods nutrition.) At the time I saw Dieter Bruno I was as sick with a acutely painful, dangerous infection, as I have ever been in my life. I would sy that Dieter Bruno saved my life ...but Dieter is extremely modest. He would say if anybody saved my life it was God. I still go to him, for health check ups, not for sickness. He health AROUND. His partner Dr. Chris Threatt was also kind, gentle and very helpful. Thank you!

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