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11/11/13 SYSTEM: City changed from "Owensound" to "Owen Sound" 
RID: 2440287
06/10/12 1 1 1 1   Respond
RID: 2403178
16/08/12 3 1 1 1 Added false charges to bills; had hygenist do work he was supposed to do, keeps people waiting for up to 45 minutes after hygenist finishes to do a 30 second check. Not at all impressed.  Respond
RID: 1773939
21/03/12 1 1 1 1  
Paid (or co-pay): $7000
10/02/12 https://ww3.rcdso.org/eIS/Clients/RCDS/ExtranetWebFo... Shows Chiaramonte aka Chiarmonte guilty of falsifying records, "Disgraceful, dishonourable, unprofessional or unethical conduct" full pdf's are included on page detailing the three counts of misconduct on Chiarmonte's part.  Respond
RID: 1710512
10/02/12 3 1 2 2 Worst dentist I have ever been to. Has left in middle of procedures to take phone calls in a little office next to treatment rooms where you can actually hear him buying and selling over the phone. Has previously been suspended for defrauding insurance companies and attempting to destroy the evidence by deleting files. Pled guilty. Always has a different luxury SUV every time I see him and his staff harass you to come in to the office by phoning you non-stop. Every visit to him resulted in being told I needed root canals, crowns, etc. Performs ridiculous amount of root canals and when I took my prescription to the pharmacy down the street they warned me to go to another dentist because he was dishonest. To be fair to his assistants, they put up with very inappropriate comments in front of me by him and I don't know how they can take him day in and day out. He is NEVER on time and has made me wait 90 minutes before coming to see me. Do NOT use this dentist.  Respond
RID: 1495056
25/07/11 1 3 1 1 HORRIBLE DENTIST!!! He 'created' 3 filling that needed to be done!! I had no pain or problems there until then!!! He did a root canal on my front tooth that has been severe pain since and just this morning my same front tooth cracked in half and the bottom of it fell off!!! horrrrrible dentist and even worse character!!! DO NOT GO TO HIM!!!!! 
Paid (or co-pay): $1500
RID: 1479510
RID: 1457511
05/06/11 5 5 5 5 I think he's a great dentist. I've had good results with him and the people who recommended me to him think that he's super as well. Don't know what people are complaining about, I'd go to him any time.  Respond
RID: 1181007
02/06/10 5 2 4 5 Staff at this office has contacted the insurance company for me when needed. When I have had questions regarding the fees I have been shown the Ontario Dental fee guide and he has always been in line with them.  Respond
RID: 1174770
22/05/10 1 1 1 1 Overcharged and did not fill the teeth properly. Am going to the dental clinic now and am getting much better treatment. This dentist should have his license removed permanently! 
Paid (or co-pay): $250
RID: 1168637
13/05/10 1 1 1 1 This dentist is ALWAYS under review with the Royal College of Dental Surgeons. DO NOT GO TO HIM! The college has never taken away a licence, he gets a fine and then goes back to work. Keep reporting him to the college and hope they smarten up and finally take a licence. Here is the link you need for the college and to make an official complaint! http://www.rcdso.org/public_protection/complaints_pr...  Respond
RID: 1099376
06/02/10 1 1 1 1 every time i leave his office i have sores in my mouth, the office is so dirty and so is he. hes rude and should kicked out of the city. he over charges and wants to get rich quick. someone needs to call the colledge on him again, his office needs to be investigated with over billing.  Respond
RID: 824380
10/03/09 1 1 1 1 Every one should just beware. If you can't find a dentist then better not to go to one tnen have dr. chiarmonte fix your teeth.  Respond
RID: 730140
25/11/08 1 1 1 1 well only spoke with the doc on the phone..i just moved to this area..saw hisa d..phone him up..wanted to get braces..i got a few prices..well this guy was5,000$ over every other dentist---so i found one in collingwood--i dont mind driving out there cuz they are good and dont scam you!!!..once i told people at work that i was thinking of seeing dr.ross..they all said not to!..so..i didnt and i dont regret--these posts say it all!..so i got my braces now for wayyy cheaper than what he wanted to scam me for!  See Responses
RID: 689682
23/09/08 1 1 1 1 Moved to the area , didn't know, NOW I DO, not to go there, did work on teeth that later I found could not be saved and any dentist would know that, got dentures throught him and were not right, found a new dentist , and he is trying to clean up the mess that Dr. Ross left.  Respond
RID: 685947
17/09/08 2 1 1 1 Absolute horror - did a rotten job on my braces and fillings - it is costing me 2500.00 to fix the damage that he did- actually it was his assistant that was doing the work (on braces) that he authorized her to perform and when he finally had realized that he hadn't checked the work in progress for 3 months- he spoke to me in a disparaging manner in front of patients and staff and acused me of making him rush- he overcharges, he is arrogant and does not possess the skills that he advertises. He should be stopped.  Respond
RID: 628416
01/07/08 5 3 5 5 Dr.Ross is a good dentist he is always nice to me.he has always done his job right so i trust him  Respond
RID: 532198
06/03/08 2 1 1 1 This dentist is brutal! He has been charged with over billing his clients and he is still doing it!! All he cares about is money!! I always have to wait forever and he is so rushed all of the time. I don't know why people keep going to him, there are tonnes of other dentists in Owen Sound and the surrounding area that are great. If you see this dentist or are considering seeing him- think twice- he's a scammer!!!!!!!!!  Respond
RID: 513700
14/02/08 3 3 2 1 I use to go to Chiarmonte until I caught him using the wrong code for my dental insurance. He used one that would give him more money. Had partial plate made by him and it has been fixed numerous times. I have my old one from many years back in my purse as a back up. I had to wait 5 years to have another made so it would be partially paid by my insurance ( I hope ). He use to always call to remind us about our appointments but after being caught he has never phoned again. He has made more money on honest people and we are the ones suffering. I found a wonderful dentist in Owen Sound. I hope others can do the same. Just get on the phone and phone them all. Good Luck P.S. It's true he always found something wrong.  Respond
RID: 492972
24/01/08 4 3 4 4 Well I have been taking my children there for almost 3 years now. I haven't had a bad experience there yet. My daughter went in with her permanent front tooth in a container with milk (our regular dentist wouldn't deal with her) anyways I really didn't care how much it would cost and it really didn't cost that much considering she was 11 years old and could have ended up with a false front tooth. I have now been sending my son there and he loves going to the dentist not the first visit but after that he loves it all the staff I find are great with us and as for Dr. Ross I hold him high in my books  Respond
RID: 463818
13/12/07 1 5 1 1 I agree with charging too much - I just move to the area and needed dental work and he was the only dentist I could find - his prices were way above what my insurance paid and his office is dirty and also he found work I'm sure I did not need.  Respond
RID: 456067
03/12/07 2 1 1 2 With other dentists I have had, most visits no work was required. With Dr. Ross I have never hat a check up without work to be done -- it makes me question what he's really doing? I wish someone could check over my dental records to verify if all this work has been necessary? The re-fillings he always finds to do, seem to be so rushed and roughly done. I have complained that when I floss it's so rough and jagged that it breaks the floss. His response was "don't floss" and he never fixed or delt with my complaint. I have been depressed thinking my teeth must be deteriorating badly to need as much repair (since I have been seeing this dentist) I think it's time to look for a new dentist, one who doesn't rush through dental work in record time! I have a gut feeling that with a different dentist I might have some check ups where no work is required -- like I used to have before Dr. Ross!  Respond