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When I was 16 I developed bumps on my neck & face. I got it looked at, took some oral medication, & it went away thinking it was teenage acne. During my 20s, the bumps & rashes would come & go with the seasons it seemed like & it became unbearable in warm dry weather. I thought it was some kind of fungus or something on my neck, my back, my arms, & my face. My skin was extremely sensitive to on the counter skin care products & there seemed to be no answer. In a year, I ended up scheduling appointments with three south bay derms and each time, I did not have any luck with a successful diagnosis. I looked up derms on yelp & found Dr. Pearlman. Thank GOD I did. He is hands down the most patient & thorough doctor that I have ever been to. He spends as much time as needed with each patient until all of their questions are answered - hence the slightly lower rating on the timeliness, but it's all for the better of his patients. He diagnosed me with Exzema & I immediately improved in days. A+

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