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After waiting 4 hours I saw the PA not the doctor. I had IEHP insurance so they make you wait in the waiting room to the left that looks like a small jail cell with a bulletproof glass separating the receptionist from the welfare and underinsured people. If you accidentally go into the nice waiting room on the right with open reception area, coffee,cookies ect, they will tell you to leave and go in the other side. They lied to me and promised the moon before the appointment and after. I have MS and they treated me like gutter trash. I transferred from another clinic to this one because it was closer. They messed up prescriptions and tried to blame it on me. I will have to suffer now for a month while I wait to reestablish with a new doctor. Dr Kyaw is aware of the situation and refuses to do anything about it. Avoid this place at all costs. You're life may depend upon it. It you do decide to go to the Western Horizon Medical Group, don't expect to meet or see any doctors there just PA

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flag | Submitted March 14, 2014

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